Dadar Parsi Colony – A paradise in Mumbai

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Mumbai is known for its fast life, its chaos, its pollution, its speed. But, in the middle of all this, lies the Parsi Colony in Dadar, which is a complete opposite, of all the noise and chaos that Mumbai is synonymous with. It was founded by Mr. Mancherji Joshi, when the British ruled India, more than eighty years ago. There are about forty five thousand Zoroastrians living in Mumbai, and about ten thousand of them live in the Parsi Colony in Dadar. This makes it the largest concentration of Read more [...]

Consider These Things When You Decide To Renovate Your Home

Remodeling your home is a big deal and people do it for different reasons. You could be remodeling because you just moved into a home that needs some work, or you could be doing it because you just need a change after a decade or two. There are other reasons to do some remodeling as well, but whatever your reason, here are some things to keep in mind. Use these before you jump into the project or even after you've gotten started. Even if you never thought of remodeling, keep reading because you Read more [...]

Using Windows to Their Full Advantage for Shift Workers

Some people compare it to having permanent jet lag; others just have to get on with it. Shift working is no easy game and if you are someone who has to work varying hours, you'll fully appreciate the difficulties in forming a proper sleeping schedule. Some of you may have mastered it instantly; while others find it so hard that they have to find a completely different profession. If you happen to fall into the latter, or just find it plain difficult to try and adapt your sleeping habits accordingly, Read more [...]

5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Boom

Everyone wants to increase their profits, but wishing helps no one. Taking practical steps to increase your fortunes is the only way to go. Here are five time-tested ways to up your small business’ profit potential. Expand One easy way to bring in more business is simply to expand locations. If your business operates behind a storefront, having more physical space means more opportunities to attract customers. A location in a new part of town means more access to traffic (both foot and vehicle), Read more [...]

How To Care For Your Flowers In The Lawn/Garden

Flowers aren’t different than other living creatures you come across every day. They get thirsty, hungry and old, just like us, so it is crucial to care for them to prolong their lifespan and enhance their appearance. This is also what you need to do to create a stunning bouquet from the blooms in your garden, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor outside your home as well. There is another reason to care for flowers: It encourages more growth throughout the garden in the summer months and Read more [...]

Make your garden look fantastic this spring with a new pond

The arrival of spring is an exciting time - leaves back on trees, colour all around, and best of all? You get your garden back, and the chance to christen its rebirth with an incredible water feature or, to be more specific, the pond you've always wanted. For backyard enthusiasts, getting stuck into designing the ultimate garden-shaping pond is what it's all about, and a great place to get your pond starter kits from is Swell UK. Having this vital kit at your disposal means that all the fundamentals Read more [...]

Will Adding to Your Home Add Value Too?

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Adding unto your property may seem like a sure way to boost value. More rooms, more amenities, more money, right? Well, yes and no. The matter of making so-called improvements to your home and property for the sake of a price boost is a bit more complex than mere addition and subtraction. In fact, the wrong kind of addition can actually lower the value of your home. Here’s a rundown of the common options homeowners go for when looking to raise value, and whether or not there’s actual truth Read more [...]

Creating Curb appeal

First impressions are very important and apply to many aspects in life.  The curb appeal of your home should make everyone, including potential homebuyers, want to see what is inside. Hooks and Lattice has given us an informative visual of how to increase the curb appeal of your home.   Read more [...]

10 Termite Prevention Tips for Homeowners

The arrival of spring brings warmer weather, flowers, longer days, and termites. The springtime is when termites seek out places to establish new colonies. Any properties that have cellulose or wood components are at risk for infestation. Once an infestation is underway, termites can destroy a home from the inside out without the homeowner being aware that they are there. For this reason, Bay Area pest management company Planet Orange recommends homeowners get a termite inspection to prevent a termite Read more [...]

The Process of Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is a big decision. It’s the single most expensive decision the vast majority of people will ever make, but it’s an investment in your future and few can deny the advantage of owning your own bricks and mortar. Elan Homes regularly sells homes to people in this position, and naturally, everyone wants to get through the process as quickly as possible. It’s important to know how the process works and how long it takes.   New Homes Fast   It’s nearly always Read more [...]