3 Essential Elements of Country Interior Design: How to Create Your Own Unique Country Style

There are certain key elements which contribute to creating the perfect country interior. The right mix of textures and colours in a house can allow the house to transmit an entertaining atmosphere full of life and character.


Sand-coloured walls combined with wood-clad walls, for example, long beams and concrete floors are some of the architectural elements responsible for providing an enviable country interior design for a traditionally rustic-themed house. In addition, using simple and minimalist decoration, interspersed with the wonderful countryside-themed environment can make it an intimately welcoming space.

Contrasting styles

A country house can be made even more striking by using an interesting mix of two completely different styles: for example, the rustic and the modern. On the one hand you can create the feeling of relaxation and nature through clever use of materials (like wood) typical of a country environment, and on the other hand, you can incorporate, for example, a black and white palette with modern furniture and small decorative objects characteristic of a more contemporary and minimalist style. It’s not as crazy as it sounds at first, and the results can be truly stunning, offering the best of both worlds.

Rustic beams

No rustic house is complete without some traditional wooden furniture and large and old beams on the roof. These can be found even in some older city apartments. It is not always necessary to live in the country, or to own a country house, to decorate in a certain way, and create a truly stunning and beautiful country or rustic-themed interior. Many city-based properties adopt a blend of pleasant country atmosphere blended with some modern touches, for example, a beautiful gallery of black and white photos hung on a white wall as a backdrop. There is no reason why a city dwelling cannot succumb to a touch of country, if it’s done with style and carefully designed so the different aspects complement each other perfectly.

Decoration with demijohns

The well-known old bottles of wine, covered in wicker, are perhaps the first everyday object that began to be used in interior decoration. Large demijohns enhance any room, and are perfect for providing colour to certain otherwise dimmed spaces. They can be used both in modern spaces and in rustic interior settings, think of them as sculptures, planters or simply as a vintage object!

Creating your own unique and beautiful country interior is a wonderfully creative and intriguing process, balancing various elements into a harmonious interior which reflects a central rustic theme but with touches of your own personality incorporated in to the mix, which will give it that uniqueness we all covet.



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