3 Products to Help Your Home Go Green and Save Money

Each month, many of us dread getting our home energy bills—they always seem to go up. In fact, they do increase every year. The current average energy bill is over $2,000 per year for a single household. Collectively throughout the U.S., there’s nearly $130 billion that is spent on WASTED energy! With that in mind, there are definite ways to conserve your daily energy usage—and it doesn’t have to take much effort, providing that you have the right eco-friendly products.

There are numerous products that are either Energy Star certified or are smart devices that allow you to remotely manage when something is operating. So which devices should you look at first? Here are 3 to consider getting for your home:

  1. Belkin Energy Conserve Switch Surge Protector with Remote

If you have a computer, gaming system or another device, you have to ensure that they are connected to a surge protector, rather than directly into the wall. Surge protectors are a necessity to protect your electronics from voltage spike (for example, during a thunderstorm). Not having one can “fry” your device. The Belkin Energy Conserve Switch Surge Protector with Remote, does these basic functions, but goes a step further. It allows you to remotely turn off up to six devices completely; it also has the ability to keep two devices always on. The remote feature works up to 60 feet, so you have access from across the room or further. Having more control of what’s running and what isn’t will significantly reduce using wasted energy.

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat (4th Generation)

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a perfect product for today’s busy households. It’s hard to remember to always turn up or turn down the thermostat as we are coming and going to various locations. If you are one of the many people who forgets these types of things, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a must-have product to have in your home. It’s even earned an Energy Star. It features a mobile app that allows you to remotely adjust the thermostat from any location—so it’s no problem if you manually forgot to adjust it when you left.

While you are home, the device learns your preferred temperatures at different times of the day. The neat Nest Leaf feature displays what temperatures you should have set to be the most energy efficient. Nest has partnered with ADT home security, so you can both protect your home and incorporate energy-efficiency.

  1. Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor

To help save energy, the first thing in order is to know where you are spending either high or wasted energy. The Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor allows you to monitor the energy consumption in your home. It’s easy to operate—all you have to do is to hook it up to an outlet, and whatever devices are plugged in will display how much power plant carbon emissions are being used, how much the device is costing per year, as well as see a projected forecast that indicates how much that particular device will effect your energy bill. It’s a way to measure your energy and encourage you to find ways to curve energy consumption device-by-device.

Going green and saving money on utility bills go hand-in-hand. As you can see, there are products that facilitate this process—either informing or remotely allowing you to make needed changes. Technology has gone a long ways and you can use it to your advantage.

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