Bathroom hacks for ultimate design trends

Having a small bathroom is more advantageous than we think. It helps you not clutter up unnecessary bottles and things, it is easy to keep clean, it steams up pretty quickly for a unique, home sauna experience and it is practically effortless to turn into something straight out of a design magazine. Here are some ideal tips and tricks to make your small bathroom space efficient with a polished and stylish look and feel.

For extra space

  • Use coat hooks or antique doorknobs to hang towels up instead of folding them or using long towel rods.
  • Install a little ledge above your sink to make extra space for hand wash, hand cream or minimal decorative ornaments. This can also be divided into little boxes for organising categories of bathroom items.
  • Use a magnet strip or magnet block to easily store bobby pins. Magnets can also be used to neatly sort and store make up.
  • Turn your full-length mirror into secret storage space for bathroom supplies.
  • Put a bookshelf up above the bathroom door where you can pack accessories, decorative ornaments, books or spare towels neatly.

For added shine

  • Frame your basic mirror with mosaic to create subtle reflection. The same can be done around windows and door frames.
  • Use crystal containers for bathroom supplies like mouthwash, hand wash, cotton wool or earbuds.
  • Incorporate small plants into your bathroom. Although this is more of a hypothetical shine, greenery brings life to a living space like no other. Air plants, bamboo and ferns are good choices for bathroom plants.
  • Replace shower curtains with a neat glass slab. This will open the bathroom space up drastically and help add subtle elements of shine to your bathroom.

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