The future of real estate: The influencing factors

It's been on something of a downward curve over recent years, yet we finally seem to have reached a point where the real estate market is progressing the right way. In fact, over the course of next year, the outlook is seemingly set to get even better. The likes of Clay Hutson and other established real estate agents are already reporting more interest than usual - and the statistics suggest that this is only going to get better. Industry experts believe that the scene is set for real estate to Read more [...]

Home Insurance Vs Home Warranty Understand The Differences Between These Policies

What do you know about home warranty policies? You might think that a home warranty is a type of homeowners’ insurance policy. On the contrary, home warranties are completely separate from homeowners’ insurance. These two types of policies offer protection for homeowners’ belongings in different ways. Understanding the differences between them will help you make the best decisions when it comes to protecting your property. This information is valuable whether you’re a longtime homeowner or Read more [...]

A Simple Guide to Buying a House on the Internet

There are a lot of trusted sites online to buy a house. Here’s a guide to help you access them. To a lot of people, the Internet is the first place to go to if you’re looking for a certain product or service. While this is true with products like clothing and services like product printing, it is not always the case for people who are looking to buy an actual house. Most of the time, buying a house requires you to go the actual site to make your decision. This is to make sure that you understand Read more [...]

Top distressed commercial real estate markets in North America

If you are looking to get into commercial real estate on the cheap, and you have a high tolerance for risk, then going after properties in cities with distressed economies is the way to go. Joseph Johnson Welfont is always on the look out for distressed commercial real estate throughout North America, as he knows it is a great long-term investment to own a property in a highly desired location, even if times aren't as bright as they once were. In this article, we will talk about about cities Read more [...]

The home buying experience: Debunking the myths

You only have to view the millions of houses that are now listed online to see how the internet affects real estate tremendously. While this is most definitely superb for the home buyer, there are some side effects. There is a lot of poor advice being circulated, while some of the readily-available data is also interpreted badly which never helps matters either. The result from all of the above? All sorts of myths occur - many of which couldn't be further from the truth. If we were to scour the Read more [...]

How real-estate and Snapchat are going hand-in-hand

It would be fair to say that digital marketing has transformed a lot of industries and in relation to real estate, you only have to look at the hordes of websites advertising properties to see this. There's one medium which is making progress that's slipping completely under the radar though. We first saw this mentioned in the Twitter feed of Chase Rubin, with the account highlighting an article about Snapchat and how this is revolutionizing the job of the real estate agent. Several years ago, Read more [...]

How Not to Regret Renting Out Your Home

There are many reasons that you might decide to rent your home – perhaps you are relocating to a new city for work but plan to return and don’t want to sell, or perhaps you are downsizing to an apartment and want to earn some extra money by renting out your house. Maybe you have purchased property as an investment. Whatever your reasons or circumstances, becoming a landlord is a great way to earn income but there are some things that you need to do in order to protect yourself and your property Read more [...]

Unique New Style Trending in Real Estate

You may have been thinking about purchasing a new home recently, but are you the type of person who thinks outside of the box and wants a home that is unique and different from everyone else’s? Have you ever thought about buying a piece of property that has its own scenic view and perhaps put a house there that is unique in its nature all while being affordable? Have you ever considered having that home be a prefabricated steel building? You may think that this would be impossible to build in Read more [...]

The Moving House Checklist Every Home Buyer Needs

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful experience. In fact, it often ranks amongst the most stressful situations you’ll ever have to deal with. This is even more true if you are buying a home. You’re spending an awful lot of money on it, you want to be absolutely certain it’s right. Not just financially and structurally, but that it’s the one for you. A great checklist will help make this experience as easy, and as fun, as possible. Royalty Free Photo The Search Plan your Read more [...]

Increasing the resale value of your home in three easy steps

Looking to sell your home soon? Before listing your property on the market, we strongly advise doing everything you can to improve the resale value of your house. In this article, we will talk about a few ways you can do that without having to spend a fortune to make a fortune. 1) Dress your windows properly One of the easiest ways to improve the resale value of your house is to update your window treatments. From luxurious curtains and drapes, to sleek and modern shutters or shades, there Read more [...]