Benefits Of Using Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a device that is designed to move warm air from one place to another. It can be used to cool the home in the summer and warm the home in the winter. Heat pumps are becoming more popular. Heat pumps have a number of benefits. Convenient to Use There are several types of heat pumps. However, they are relatively simple to use. All you have to do is push a button to switch from heating to cooling. You can also increase or decrease the temperature of your home by pushing a button. Read more [...]

Do You Know Your Debt-to-Income Ratio?

One of the contributing factors to the nationwide subprime mortgage crisis in the mid-2000s was the fact that Americans were accumulating more debt than ever before. That wasn’t the only factor, mind you. But from 1990 to 2007, the average ratio of household debt-to-income, including mortgage related debt, rose from 77% to 127%. What is debt-to-income ratio? It is a calculation used by lenders to determine your risk as a borrower. This is good intel to have about yourself before you set out Read more [...]

Solar Energy Skeptics Need To Read This List

While the majority of the world believes that climate change is happening right now and is caused by global warming, there is still a big chunk of skeptics when it comes to switching to solar power. Some of the points skeptics like to point out are that solar power is expensive, unreliable, a pain to maintain and repair. Some even go as far as to claim that only rich “weird” people rely on solar panels. However, these misconceptions are far from the truth. Sunnova Reviews lists the biggest and Read more [...]

Perks of Green Apartment Living

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Individuals throughout the country have become increasingly concerned over the last few years about making smart decisions that are safe for both them and the environment. From the food we eat, to the cars we drive, individuals are making more informed decisions about everyday matters. The same is true when it comes to where and how we live. For those who want to make environmentally responsible choices, green apartment living is a natural decision. Plus, not only are green apartments easier on Read more [...]

Green Energy Creation For the Home

Renewable energy sources, and off the grid energy production for the home, have become big business. There are a massive amount of companies offering alternative solutions to your energy needs. Some, like Tesla, have the vision to offer solutions that may even enable you to drop off the grid entirely, generating your whole requirement of energy through sustainable and renewable means. Not Just For the Home: It's not just homes all over the world that are making the move to renewable energy production. Read more [...]

Ecology and Homes – What Do They Have in Common

It is quite trendy to care about the environment nowadays. There’s plenty of outrage towards companies, which disregard the need to preserve the planet we live on and to be fair, outrage is indeed necessary. We cannot let our only home (at least for now) be turned into a dump of sorts. But what happens is that we blame companies and corporations, but we rarely think about how we can improve our local environment. Recycling is by now part of everyday life for most people, at least in the cities. Read more [...]

Questions to Ask when Hiring a Residential Insulation Installer

If you want to have your home insulated, it means that you will have to ask a professional to come into your property to get the work done. This is something many people prefer not to do, but it is inevitable for this type of work. This is why you should spend some time online looking at information such as to find out what types of services are out there. Usually, people will compare the various installation services in their area before being Read more [...]

Why are LED light bulbs the best way to save energy?

LED lights are an economical choice when it comes to low energy illumination. Initially they cost higher than regular CFLs and incandescent but in the long run, they guarantee savings. That is the reason why most commercial structures are adopting redesigned lighting using LEDs these days. Ever speculated why our electric bills are going up every month? The root cause is our home’s lighting system. LED: The Solution A redesigned lighting system that involves LEDs reduces the energy usage massively. Read more [...]

Make Your Home Energy Efficient – Insulate the Walls, Windows and Floor

In these days of rising energy bills, coupled with our increasing awareness of the need to conserve energy for the benefit of the environment, one form of home improvement that is becoming more and more popular is insulation. There are several ways in which you can keep the interior of your house warm, whilst at the same time increasing its energy efficiency and also its marketability. In this article, we look at the three most popular of these. Cavity Wall Insulation More recently-built Read more [...]