How to Make do Without a Land Line

Now that you have almost finished setting up your new home, you will need to make one last important decision. Do you install a land line or make do with a cellphone? To decide that, you may be tempted to look at as many options as possible. We have two compelling reasons that you should opt for a cellphone plan instead of a land line.


First off, land lines are incredibly expensive investments for the return on your money. If your house is not set up for a land line, you are going to have to pay a technician to run phone cables through your walls- that could cost you thousands of dollars. Even if your house does have the proper phone jacks, you still need to buy a phone. Setting up a land line plan is often pretty expensive when compared with cell phones, too. When all is said and done, what you are left with is a phone that typically ceases to function whenever you have gone more than 20 feet from your house. Often with a landline, you will find yourself telling whoever is on the other end to, “Let me hang up and call you back real quick while I switch to my cell phone.”

To get anything done while on a long phone call, besides walk in circles in your living room, you’re going to want to be on your cell phone anyway. Many people are intimidated by contracts and high monthly fees with cell phones. But you do not need to invest huge amounts of money into your cell phone plan. A simple plan through Straight Talk will give you everything you need at a low price. Need a group plan? Straight Talk has that. Want a line dedicated to serving as your house phone, but actually cost less than a landline? Straight Talk has that, too.

Just do a little research for yourself and you will find that investing in a landline is certainly not the cheapest option, nor the most functional option out there- now that is straight talk.

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