Should You Install a Fireplace in Your Home?

There is a different touch to a home only a fireplace can bring. It can not only warm the feel of a living room; the comfort it brings during snowy December months is also incomparable. Installing a fireplace is a huge investment, so there are some things you need to cross off your checklist before successfully having this addition to your home. Here are four basic things to keep in mind before you get that fireplace installed.



Fire will always be a hazard, and storing up wood will present additional fire hazards to your home. Make sure you have a separate place to store firewood where they will not be damaged and be deemed unusable– and where they will not catch fire. Look for ways to keep your kids out of the fireplace area. For electronic fireplaces, make sure that installation of your new fireplace is done where wires are not prone to short-circuiting. If you have kids at home, be certain that controls are far from their reach. Safety is and should always be the number one priority.


Having a fireplace installed can cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The installation process requires maximum quality if durability and safety are your aim. There should not be a fireplace that is haphazardly installed. Electronic fireplaces may cost hundreds of dollars. Natural fireplaces may cost up to thousands. Drastic interior work will have to be done to make it fit in your living room. The process may cost additional thousands of dollars to top it all off. To get the most out of your fireplace, make sure you pick what is best for your home.


Fireplaces are not just like stickers you can add on to any empty space or wall in your living room. You will have to consider whether it is feasible to carve out a whole lot of space in a room or whether there is adequate space in the first place. Fire hazards will have to be out of reach, and you have to keep in mind protecting some of the things found in your room which should not be exposed to the heat. If you are considering a chimney, make sure the space is ample, and the setup is allowed by your local authorities. If you are opting for an electronic fireplace, make sure there is an allowance for power supply and additional wiring.

Aesthetic Appeal

Just because it came last, it does not mean it is the last priority. It would be best if the fireplace is not cramped in your living room. The theme of the fireplace should ideally match the overall aura of the room.

Fireplaces are not just pretty additions. You may find them as actual essentials, but the installation process should be carefully thought of and executed. Make sure to check out super custom home renovations in Vancouver to get the best out of your ultimate fireplace installation.

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