3 Things to Do if Your Home Was Hit by a Natural Disaster

We can never imagine disaster hitting our homes, but when disaster hits, it usually hits hard and when we least expect it. It’s easy to fall to panic and despair when being faced with property damage and getting back on your two feet is not always simple. However, if you know the proper steps to take after a disaster situation, you might be able to get your life back on track faster. Here are the first things you should do if you property has been hit by a natural disaster. Royalty Free Photo Contact Read more [...]

Home Insurance Vs Home Warranty Understand The Differences Between These Policies

What do you know about home warranty policies? You might think that a home warranty is a type of homeowners’ insurance policy. On the contrary, home warranties are completely separate from homeowners’ insurance. These two types of policies offer protection for homeowners’ belongings in different ways. Understanding the differences between them will help you make the best decisions when it comes to protecting your property. This information is valuable whether you’re a longtime homeowner or Read more [...]

Things You Should Never Do to Your Home

One thing about having your own home is having the privilege to spice things up a bit the way you want them. There are also a lot of new things to learn when you have your own home, especially on maintaining things around the house or using new appliances you’ve never had before. Unfortunately, new things can lead to accidents, so here are four things to remind you of what you should never do to your home. Don’t play plumber or electrician This is pretty self-explanatory. Being your own Read more [...]