Get a cheap house in an expensive city with these tips.   Admit it; it’s not easy to get a house in a city, especially if your budget is limited. Most people have to go through the mill in order to get their hands on a good yet cheap place. Looking for an apartment, unit, or a house is indeed a challenging task for an individual.   If you're working in the city of New York, you probably have no choice but to get a place to stay. It is not a good idea to commute far distances every Read more [...]

10 Amazing Ways You Can Increase the Value of Your House

With property prices at record highs – and rising further still - many people are choosing to stay in their existing homes a little longer rather than risk jumping onto the overheated property market. Owners also appreciate that, when the time does come to sell you need to have done all you can to stand out from the crowd and get the most for your home. Here’s 10 ways to do just that: 1. Transform the interior If money is short but you still want to enhance the value of the home. Consider Read more [...]

Crowdfunding Is Making Affordable New York Property a Reality

Those seeking prime Manhattan real estate opportunities surely know that securing affordable commercial properties within city limits can be an exceedingly expensive undertaking. In fact, this area is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, which makes procuring property there little more than a pipe dream for many investors. Fortunately, this dream is quickly becoming a reality thanks to steps taken by the New York City Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC), and Prodigy Read more [...]