Tips when selling you home

Ready to sell your home, but a bit apprehensive about how you’ll get it all done? Chances are you’ve already found a new place to live, and therefore, the longer it takes you to sell your old home the more debt you’re responsible for. Getting your home listed and sold to the highest bidder is the main objective, but there are a few steps you’ll need to take to get prepared.



Although you may not be ready to move into your new place just yet, you can’t sell a property that looks crowded. The idea is to create a space that potential buyers could see themselves living.

While you shouldn’t pack things that you still need, you can start decluttering the space by packing things you’ll be taking with you and placing them in storage until you’re ready to move. Hiring experts like Allied Movers make things easier, as such companies offer storage for customers who are moving but just need a little time before transporting them to another location.

Get an Appraisal

You know how much you paid for your home, you also know how much you’d like to get for the sale. However, there are a lot of factors that can change the actual cost you could get. Including property values in the area and the current condition of your home. To start, get an appraisal done to see what your home is worth as is, and find out what you could do to increase the value.

Get an Inspection

Home inspections are important steps to take when selling a property. Essentially, it makes you aware of all the issues in the home. Some of which, you may want to fix prior to listing the property so you can get more for it. An inspector will survey the home and point out serious and not so serious tasks to take care of.

Do Some Upgrading

If the budget permits it and your home is a bit dated, you can increase the chances of attracting a buyer by making some improvements or upgrades. Some of the best improvements to increase property value would include bathroom and kitchen renovations, roofing, and outdoor living spaces.

Hire a Realtor

Unless you plan on selling a home on your own, you’ll need to hire a real estate agent to help you with the advertising and sale process. They have an indispensable amount of tools and resources at their disposal that can be used to get your property listed and easily accessible to thousands of interested buyers in the area.

Add Curb Appeal

Once you’ve hired a realtor, the next thing to do is add some finishing touches to make the home look aesthetically appealing to buyers. Since passersby won’t be able to see the home’s interior without requesting a visit, you want to focus on the exterior of the home. Making sure the lawn is done, repairing any damaged stairs or railings, painting shutters, and entry doors, and adding plant life to the front of a home gives it more curb appeal and more intrigue to what’s inside.

Have an Open House

Open houses are really the best way to boost the advertising of a property for sale. It gives buyers a chance to see the home from the inside out. There are a ton of things you’ll need to do to make sure the open house is a success, but most important is staging the home. This is the art of using rented furniture and home decor to create a space the buyers can picture themselves in. It often drives interests and encourages a bidding war.

Once you’ve completed everything from the checklist above, all that is left to do is to wait for buyers to make an offer and accept the one most beneficial to you. Keep in mind, it can take some time before your property actually sales, but by dotting your eyes and crossing your tees, and pricing the house just right, you are sure to have buyers ready to give you top dollar in a shorter timeframe.


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