Turn Your Office Into A Home From Home

There is no doubt that working space should be functional and tech savvy but it is also important that it should make you and your workers feel good being there. You have to make sure that your workspace does not suffer from cubicle syndrome. Check out some ideas about how to create a homey feeling into your workspace.

Declutter the Space

Think of an office space splattered with numerous papers, staplers, and office supplies. Add coffee mugs and lunch packs on the top of them. Such a place will clearly send harsh vibes to all the people work there. Restore order into the place by discarding the unnecessary things and organize the necessary ones. It will restore the workers’ peace of mind, let them feeling more Zen, and enhance their efficiency level.


Fix the Lighting

Lighting has a huge impact in changing the overall mood of a place. Depending on type, size, placement, and number, lighting has the ability to create either a soothing or a harsh effect. Many offices use fluorescent lighting that produces considerable glare and triggers headache in some people. So, choose lights that will give soft glow. Use overhead lighting and pole lamps in the office corners. If you have large windows in your office, try to maximize natural lights by doing window treatments or making skilful use of mirrors. For more design ideas on office interiors follow this link.



Hang a Few Artworks

Looking at files, documents, and computer screen for long hours is surely straining for eyes. Give the eyes momentary relief by adding artworks into your office. It is one of the most surefire ways to avoid cubicle syndrome. You can either add a single piece artwork in every cubicle or create a mini gallery on a bare wall. Artworks will surely turn your office into a more relaxing space.

Add a Natural Touch

A touch of nature is always pleasing for the eyes and soothing for the mind. Place one or two big plants in the corner of the office and some small plants on the desks of the workers. Your employees will surely appreciate if you place a colorful orchid or small money plant in each of the cubicles. You can also place a fish tank in a place visible from almost everywhere. Decorate the tank with warm colored lights like green or orange to bathe the area in comforting lighting.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

While buying furniture for your office, make sure to choose designs that will be functional and comfortable to handle. Many people do the mistake of preferring style and beauty to comfort and functionality. Specially, the desks and the chairs have to be very serviceable and comfy, so that your employees do not feel annoyed while working for long hours. The designs also have to be right, so that they do not create any adverse effect on the health of the workers.

Workplace stress sometimes becomes really annoying and straightly gets on your nerve. Stress causes some of the most diseases and chronic conditions. So, by turning your office into somewhat a relaxing retreat, you will be able to reduce stresses and improve your emotional well-being.

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