Using Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Under Control

It can be difficult to control mosquitoes. However, it is important for you to do everything that you can in order to keep your lawn free of mosquitoes. These insects can spread a number of diseases. Fortunately, you can use plants to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.


Plants That Repel Mosquitoes


Catnip has a substance called nepetalactone. This is the same chemical that attracts felines. It also helps repel insects. In fact, some studies suggest that catnip can be more effective for repelling insects than DEET.

It is easy to grow catnip in your yard. However, you should avoid growing catnip near herbs, flowers and veggies if you have cats in your home.


The essential oil from basil is effective for repelling mosquitoes. This herb is also toxic to the larvae.


Marigolds are a hardy plant that has Pyrethrum. Many insects, such as mosquitoes, find the aroma from Pyrethrum to be repulsive. You should place the mosquitoes around the borders of your home. Mosquitoes will likely want to stay away from your home.


Citrosom is often referred to as a mosquito plant. It smells a lot like citronella. In addition to growing citrosum around your home, you can also rub it on your skin.


Lavender is a popular type of plant because it has a pleasant smell. It is also a natural mosquito repellent. You can grow this plant indoors. You can also put it in your garden.


Rosemary is a plant that is often used to flavor fish and lamb dishes. It can also keep the mosquitoes away. You can plant rosemary in your garden. Not only can repel mosquitoes, it can also attract butterflies.


The essential oil from peppermint can kill mosquito larvae. It can also keep the adult mosquitoes away.


Pennyroyal is another plant that can be used to flavor food and repel mosquitoes. You can put some of these plants around your flowerbed. Additionally, Pennyroyal can attract mosquitoes.


Geranium is not only a great mosquito repellent, but it is also a beautiful flowering plant. You can put it inside of a hanging container.

If you are still unable to keep the mosquitoes under control, then you should call a professional. Mosquito Squad can offer you an all natural mosquito protection. This protection will not only kill the mosquitoes, but it will also keep them from coming back.

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