What is Anti-Ligature Furniture and Why is it Important?

Anti-ligature furniture and products are important in a number of settings and circumstances. The overall aim of this type of product is to help a person, who may be in vulnerable circumstances, stay safe. Anti-ligature furniture and fittings may be used in a domestic property or, more likely, in an institutional setting. Here we speak briefly about the need for such considerations and why it is important that this type of product is designed and manufactured to the highest standards.


Definition of an Anti-Ligature Product

The primary function of a piece of anti-ligature furniture is to prevent anyone using it from harming themselves either as a direct result of using the piece of furniture, or because the furniture assists them in inflicting harm on themselves or other people. An anti ligature handle is one that stops a ligature from remaining secure when attached to it. One of the main uses of anti-ligature products is door operating and window operating mechanisms.


Where Are Anti-Ligature Products Used?

Anti-ligature furniture is most often used in buildings where it is important to protect the lives and well-being of vulnerable people, for example in care homes, prisons, young offenders’ institutions, hospitals, and detention centres. These products are used in situations where mental health and safety professionals have judged that they will be valuable, and will work well.


Anti-Ligature Door Handles and Operating Systems

One of the most common places to find anti-ligature fixings is on doors. There are specifications as to what mechanisms will work in certain situations and with different doors. There are many needs to be met, including effective access as well as control considerations. In addition to offering health protection and protection from self-harm, these door fixings can also enhance security and peace of mind in homes and offices. Security measures can also be fixed to doors where restricted access needs to be given – to such places as drugs cabinets, or gun cabinets. There are many forms of such devices.


Buying Anti-Ligature Products

It is important that you fully understand the need for anti-ligature furniture and where it is appropriate to install it. It is also important that you get the products from reputable manufacturers, since it could be a matter of life and death whether the product works and how it works. Specialist manufacturers have developed such furniture and products for a specific need, and it is useful to seek advice about what you need and where you can get it from.


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