Windows are important to retail owners

Whilst many of us will often pass by windows or walk through doors without any real thought, we will always critique our own at home.



This critiquing of windows and doors has led to many people looking at ways in which they can enhance their property in appearance by adding new doors and windows. It is no coincidence that the replacement of these is on the rise each year with more and more people looking to improve their home. Such is this rise, even estate agents are jumping on the band wagon and suggesting upgrading these to help sell your house quicker and get more money for your home, a win-win situation for all.


However, it is not just in the domestic market where windows and doors have immense value. The retail sector places key emphasis on window displays and the windows and doors themselves to attract customers. When was the last time you went shopping and thought a shop was bad because the doors were difficult to open or too small or looked in a poor state? Exactly!! A good first impression is sometimes just getting in to the shop itself.


Whilst you might remember one or two places, most of the time everything is particularly clean, very light and crucially creating the right image for the store. We never really think about it but every single display, door positon and window is designed to attract a certain type of buyer and make getting that product as easy as possible.


So how do they do it?


Well on a large scale such as at shopping outlets, the architects and professional windows and door companies work closely with project managers to guarantee the setting is correct for buyers. Then, over the years changes have been made in accordance with the shopper’s preferences. For example, gone are the days when we used to pull and push open doors to get into shops – now most have automatic sliding doors which remain open for most of the day making entry and exit easier.


This is highlighted most by franchises, in particular McDonalds who make almost every single fast food restaurant the same so that the experience is always the same. It is these things which ensure the experience is always what we are expecting.


Its importance should not be underestimated


As a result it is even more important to get the right choice for your building as it can significantly improve or reduce the likelihood of people entering the space. Done incorrectly and you can turn people away – such as shoppers, or for the domestic market buyers, but when done right (although no-one may notices_ you will see a huge influx of people into the store.


Should you be thinking about building a new shopping arena or place for retail, you might want to speak to a professional architect and window and doors company who can advise what might be best for your location and target market.



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