10 Advantages of Purchasing a New Home

If you are considering purchasing a house you will no doubt have considered the question of whether you should choose a new or previously owned one. Here are 10 important advantages associated with new-build homes you should consider before making a final decision.


  1. No remodelling or repairs

New houses, since they have just been built and finished, do not need work to replace old and damaged areas.

  1. Ready for moving in

New houses, as a general rule, are ready to be inhabited as soon as the contract and deeds are signed.

  1. More peaceful

With a few exceptions, most new houses are located a little away from the urban centres of cities, so there is less noise, parking is easier and, importantly, there is greater tranquility and better quality of living, such as with the houses for sale in Mornington at Maydenhayes.

  1. Better energy efficiency

New homes are constructed according to the latest standards on energy efficiency and, therefore, take better advantage of natural resources, resulting in lower expenditure on gas, electricity, etc.


  1. Additional benefits

Generally, new houses are usually located in the midst of areas that usually have playgrounds, recreation and sports areas, swimming pools, and, in short, added extras that contribute to greater comfort and enhanced leisure time activities.

  1. Integral garage with storage

Nowadays, practically all new houses that are built have their own storage room and garage; a significant advantage over many older homes.

  1. Competitively priced

The cost of construction of a new house has dropped in recent years. This is a result of more competitive pricing per square metre along with improved construction methods and cheaper construction materials.

  1. Builder’s warranty

New houses have the guarantee of the construction company for a stipulated period of time. This gives you complete peace of mind.

  1. The motivation of making a home

Transforming a new house into a home, if it’s your first time, is a truly appetizing experience and an amazing journey you will share with your entire family.

  1. Involvement from day one

With a new house, you will be involved in key decisions regarding fittings and fixtures, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, and will be able to enjoy the process of watching your own house being constructed and finished according to your personal preferences – an extremely satisfying feeling!


If you are considering purchasing your own home, you should consider buying a new house; there is nothing quite the same as being the first owner – and making it truly your own. Whether it’s your first property purchase or you’re upgrading from an apartment to your first house, purchasing a new build house makes sense in both financial and emotional terms.



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