3 Reasons to Purchase a Condo in Raleigh NC

“Minimalism is a way of living at the maximum of your potential.” –  Anastasiya Kotelnikova

Do you need to live in a home with a large garden, swimming pool, as well as all of the other niceties that come with owning a home in the suburbs or the country? Or will you be happy living in a simple condo without all of the additional extras that come with owning a house?


Minimalism versus extravagance

The reality is that there is a significant move towards minimalist living; ergo, less is more as opposed to living a lavish lifestyle cluttered with lots of possessions. However, before we look at reasons why you should consider buying one of the condos for sale in Raleigh NC, let’s look at the definition of minimalism.

In a nutshell, Minimalism is the art of living a simple life without the trappings and clutter of our consumerist, modern-day lifestyle. Minimalists believe that by intentionally living with less, they can “experience life with more attention and purpose.”

According to Courtney Carver, “Minimalism starts with a desire to live with less. It is… triggered by… experiencing the “enough is enough” moment… You may notice a nearly obsessive need to unclutter and simplify. Before you know it, uncluttering starts to apply to more than just a kitchen drawer… the process went like this: Health, stuff, debt, obligation, love, religion.”

Condo living: The minimalist lifestyle

There are many reasons why buying a condo can be considered part of your journey towards living a minimalist life. In order to help you decide whether you should purchase a condo or not, here are several reasons why purchasing a condo should be the start of your minimalist life:

Smaller living space encourages simple living

The starting point to decluttering and downsizing your furniture, clothing, and sundry items is to purchase a condo with a smaller floor area than what you would normally consider. Once you have bought your unit, you will have two choices: declutter or live in clutter!

Work hard at the psychology of living with less

Let’s face it! We live in a consumerist, throw-away culture that believes that the more possessions we own, the wealthier we are. However, in real terms, all we are probably doing is increasing the size of our credit card bills. Therefore, to learn to live with less, ask yourself if you really need something before you go out and buy it. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will find that most of the time your answer will be in the negative.

Decide what possessions you can do without

The longer we live in the same home, the more clutter we seem to collect. Therefore, moving to a smaller space is an ideal time to throw out, sell, or donate what you no longer need. For example, do you need items of clothing that you haven’t worn in over a year? At the moment, all they are doing is clogging up your closet, making it difficult to find the clothes you enjoy wearing.

Final words

It is not easy to move from a consumer-driven culture to living in a minimalist manner. However, I believe it is well worth the effort. You will find that the results will improve your health holistically!





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