3 Reasons why living room is the best place to watch the World Cup 2018

Unless you’re someone who hates football or you’re someone who has been living under the rocks, you will know that the World Cup is all set to kick off on the 14th of June in Russia. From the 14th of June to 15th of July, visitors can follow World Cup match live either from the match grounds or even from the comfort of your home. With the exciting programme of events, the living room will offer you the best form of entertainment for all the football connoisseurs and casual fans.


Did you get your tickets for the World Cup 2018? If you still didn’t or if you haven’t been able to grab the tickets for the matches, are you wondering where best to watch the 2018 World Cup online live. The answer is simple: straight from your living room! But what are the reasons behind leaving the stadium and watching the game straight from the comfort of your home? If you’re still confused, here are few things that make your living room special and different from any other place in the world.

Reason #1: Living room will typically have the biggest TV

This goes without mention that if you’re a football connoisseur or a die-hard fan of the World Cup, you will buy a large TV as a large TV is perfect for watching sports. So what if you couldn’t buy the tickets to your favorite World Cup? You have the full comfort of sitting down on your favorite couch and watching your favorite team play against its contender. If you have enough budget to buy a large screen TV, make sure you buy the one with the largest screen so that you experience is even better than what it would be if you were inside the stadium.

Reason #2: You save a fortune by not visiting the stadium

Did you calculate the costs that you have to bear if you have to go for a trip to the World Cup? It will most probably set you back hundreds of pounds and you will also use up major part of your annual office leave. The flight and accomodation costs will also be at their peak level due to the demand of the tickets. In fact, the price of group stage matches cost somewhere between 79 pounds and 158 pounds depending on the position of your seat. Hence it is anytime better to stock up your fridge with your favorite snacks and sit back and watch the match in your living room thereby saving yourself a fortune.

Reason #3: You can dodge the crowds and the fuss

Did you know that more than 1.5 million people are anticipated to travel to Russia for watching the World Cup 2018, as per reports from the Russia Federal Agency for Tourism? Due to the act that the games of England are all scheduled either in the weekends or during evenings when majority of the people are at work, pubs which show matches will also get overcrowded. So, instead of having to crane your head to catch a glimpse of the match or risk missing a crucial goal while you stand at the queue of a bar, it is better to take control of your remote control and get the best possible view on your large screen TV.

So, now that you’re sure about the reasons why living room is the best place for watching World Cup 2018, would you even try to get the tickets to Russia or sulk over the fact that you don’t have them? Bet, you won’t!


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