4 easy steps to make your home look attractive to buyers

Does your home look attractive to buyers? If you stepped inside your property as it is now, would you be desperate to buy it and make it your own? These are the questions that all property owners need to ask themselves when they’re trying to sell their home. Of course, we rely on the estate agents/real estate to help us navigate the legalities and finding prospective buyers but when it comes to staging your home and having it look the part – that comes down to you.


So, where to begin? Having your home look the part can seem a little daunting, but don’t worry, read on for our 4 easy steps to make your home look attractive to buyers.

The outside

When a potential buyer pulls up outside your property, what are their first impressions going to be? An unkempt garden? Overgrown bushes and weeds? Dirty windows and broken guttering? If any of these sound familiar then now is the time to act. Even if your home doesn’t look abandoned from the outside, there are still little things you can do to improve its aesthetic and give it a little kerb appeal.

Start with mowing the lawn and making sure there are no weeds in the front garden or around the paths or front door. If you’re not a gardener then keep things very minimal and tidy. If you want to add a little wow factor then take a trip to The Tree Center and spruce up your garden with some beautiful trees, plants and shrubs. If your front door has seen better days then head to your DIY store and paint it. Add a few plant pots of something vibrant and colourful and it’ll make any potential buyer want to see if the inside is just as good.

The lighting

If you’re greeted with a gloomy, narrow hallway that doesn’t look very appealing, then don’t worry. Try installing or replacing a new overhead light in the hallway – with a modern light fixture – and maybe add a small mirror or two to help the area seem light and airier. If there are corners of rooms that are a little gloomy and dingy then get yourself some beautiful standing lamps of put large lamps on side tables for a real stylish look.

Remove the clutter

As a rule, all the floors and surfaces should be clear and clutter free. If you have all the kids shoes piled up in the hallway, find somewhere like a wardrobe to place them in neatly until you need them again. Put your books back in the bookcases and try not to over clutter shelving.

The floors

The floors are always neglected! Make sure you’re aren’t. If you can and if you have time, try to get your carpets and rugs cleaned thoroughly. If they still don’t look brand new then at least they’ll smell fresh! If you have creaky floorboards, get them repaired and make sure your vinyl flooring is given a good wash!


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