4 Steps for Choosing a New Garage Door

Your garage doors make up a huge proportion of your overall curb appeal. And remodeling reports suggest that replacing your garage doors is one of the top ways you can make a difference to your home that is also recouped when you sell. So replacing your garage doors is definitely a good investment in your real estate. But looking for a new garage door set can be overwhelming. There is such a lot of choice it is difficult to know where to begin. Take a look at these steps to make sure you are getting the best garage door for your home and for your needs.


  1. If You’re Replacing All Doors, Choose the Garage Ones First

When replacing side doors and front door, pick the garage doors first since there is much more choice in external doors than there is in garage doors. If you do it the opposite way round you risk getting your other doors and finding that nothing matches. A DoReMi Door is available in a range of different colors and finishes, for example.


  1. Think About Insulation

A garage is increasingly not only a place to store a car. Many people work in their garages or store other objects inside them. Therefore it makes sense for the garage to be heated. If it is heated, the garage doors should be insulated to ensure energy efficiency. There are different options in high level insulation and medium level insulation. Insulation also makes it more likely that the door withstands damage from the inside, which will not be shown on the outside.


  1. Pick Your Material

Garage doors come in different materials. If you are looking for a natural, timeless style then wood is a good option. There are a variety of wood finishes to create the ideal garage for your style. Wood is strong but it does need to be regularly maintained to keep it in great condition. Steel garage doors are also popular and they are among the most durable. Some steel doors even look exactly like wood, which means you benefit from a wood style with minimal maintenance requirements. Aluminum garage doors are ideal for a low maintenance door with plenty of modern curb appeal.


  1. Choose Your Style

Look at the different range of options when it comes to garage door style. You have traditional styling that coordinates with classic looks as well as provides timeless appeal. You can find carriage door styles which give a more vintage look. And modern or contemporary garage doors are ideal for new homes.


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