4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Do you live in a small home? Although smaller rooms can often be cute and cozy – especially during the winter months – homeowners who live in smaller houses or apartments can also often find themselves wishing that they could make their rooms look and feel a little bit bigger. Thankfully, there are many easy things you can do to improve the spaciousness of your rooms, from adding things to create the illusion of space, smart décor, or using innovative storage solutions to actually free up space and create more room.


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Hang Mirrors

Using mirrors around the home is a great way to create the illusion of more space. Hanging a large mirror in your family room, for example, reflects the room creating an illusion that it’s much bigger than it actually is. Mirror are also useful for loads of different things – they help to provide security by allowing you to see who’s coming and going around the home, and of course make it easy to check your appearance without having to rush back upstairs or to the bathroom.

Light Décor

Most homeowners agree that using dark colors for their interior décor is one sure fire way to make rooms look smaller and more cramped. When you decorate the interior of your home, choosing light and breezy colors such as pastels can help to give it more of a spacious look and feel. If you are considering an accent wall, steer clear of anything too dramatic, instead choosing a soft accent that blends in well with the other walls rather than standing out too much.

Smart Storage Solutions

The way you store the items in your home can have a huge effect on not only how spacious it looks, but the amount of room that you actually have. There are many different ways to use storage in a smart manner, such as opting for beds that have built-in under-bed storage in a small bedroom to free up space or choosing a sofa that you can slide things under when they’re not in use in the family room. When opting for storage boxes, choosing ones that are closable can also reduce the cluttered look of your home by keeping items out of sight. Plus, you can use the top of the box as a shelf for displaying ornaments or a vase of flowers.

Improve the Traffic Flow

How you and your guests move through your home has a huge impact on how spacious it looks. Rearranging your furniture in such a way that there is plenty of room to move around can easily create the illusion of more space and room in your home. Adjustment to the traffic flow around your home could be as easy as simply removing anything that is obstructing entrances, or completely rearranging the layout. Adding an arch between two separate rooms can also help to improve traffic flow and create the illusion of more space. See allstatesconcretecutting.com for more details.

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