5 Hacks To Improve Your Real Estate Game

The real estate game can be tough to break into and even those who succeed initially still have a rocky road ahead of them. We’ll assume that you’ve done your homework, put in the work, maybe made a few sales but just can’t get to that next stage. If you want to make this a full-time deal and ditch that other job that still helps you pay the bills, or have already made this step but just can’t catch a break, then read on.

While our experience is mostly with West Palm Beach real estates, these general tips apply to any location. We’ll go over some of the most effective little “hacks” that will help you become a better real estate agent so that you can start living the kind of life you’ve always wanted.


  1. Get yourself some good contact management software


Old-timey ledgers and hardcover notebooks are great if you want to jot down grandma’s recipes or write a memoir but they simply won’t cut it for a real estate agent. You need to keep up with the times and look for some effective software.

There are a bunch of great contact management tools available, and they’re not really expensive or difficult to use. You can keep an extensive list of all your contacts, with detailed information on each entry, which you can access on any device. Add something like Evernote to the equation and you have everything you need to stay focused and organized.


  1. Don’t just spam on social media – build a personal brand



Too many people use LinkedIn as a more sedated version of Facebook and Facebook as the dumping grounds for all their embarrassing little personal moments. When you become a real estate agent you have to start building a reputation. This means that you need to be careful about the kind of public image you are developing.

A few shots of you enjoying some drinks with friends is totally acceptable, but try to keep the really goofy personal stuff on your phone and away from potential client’s eyes. You can also use LinkedIn to post short articles talking about the industry and current trends and Instagram to show off new properties.


  1. Network and build connections with local real estate agents


Don’t just look at everyone else as direct competition – you’ll often find opportunities to work with other agents. If a client’s budget can’t handle the properties you offer or if they simply need something you can’t give them, then why not send them to someone else for a fee or corepresent them?

Instead of losing a client, you can get a piece of the action and a satisfied contact ready to put in a good word with their friends and colleagues. There are many ways to build such connections. West Palm Beach real estate agents from our neck of the woods often just go online and look for local realtors to connect with.


  1. Get up close and personal with people through open houses


While connecting with your colleagues is a good strategy, the best way to get ahead in this business is to connect with the local community and get to meet your potential clients face-to-face. If things are going a bit slow, set up a few open houses to get some foot traffic on your properties and get people talking. These events can get a bit overwhelming so try to keep your stress under control and have a smile on your face throughout.

You’ll often find that people from the neighborhood call up their friends and family to give them the heads up on open house events. It’s really an excellent way to start building a stronger relationship with your clients and leave a good impression on new faces – even if you don’t close as many sales as you hoped, you’ll have more names to feed into your contact management software for later.


  1. Offer solutions to potential issues, don’t try to hide them


If you flat out lie to people or keep things from them and then issues crop up during the property inspection, or a savvy client stumbles upon them while examining the property, you’ll lose business or even get into legal trouble. Sure, always glorify the good parts, but try to be somewhat transparent about any issues and present them along with an effective solution or put a unique spin on them so that they don’t look as bad.

These are some of the most important things to focus on when you’re building a real estate business, but there’s a whole lot more to learn. Give it time, pay attention to details, and always work on your soft skills and good things will come to you.

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