5 Interior Design Changes That Will Add Value

A home should be a cozy place at first; style comes second. The interior of a room tells a lot about the personality of its residents. Visitors can easily judge you by the way you maintain your home. The metal figurines on the side cabinet of a living room, the big quoted wall stickers, a soft rug at the foot area of your bed, a flower pot in the bathroom, etc. would speak for themselves.


It does not have to be a fancy and expensive home setting that would earn you some appreciation. The main requirement is to have a basic organization done with some intelligent (and useful) décor moves.

There are tons of big & expensive ideas that could change your interior from average to “wow” but the art of interior designing lies in simple enhancements which can magically change the feel of the place. Though interior designing method differs with each home, but there are some design changes that can add value to any kind of place in the world. Here is our top 5:


  1. Decluttering is the key

A clean and tidy place is the single most desire of every person in the world. Cleanliness does not confine itself to mere moping or dusting, it entails a proper organization of everything- from a proper placement of a sewing needle to the big furniture.

Look around your place. Is everything lying at its correct place? If no, then do it. We understand that it is not feasible to have everything at its place, all the time, especially in the house of young kids, but few organizational skills may lessen the intensity of the clutter.

  • Put wall & table organizers like pen stands, wall pouches, etc. that are easily accessible.
  • Do not allow the piling up of unused things. Identify and take care of any non-useable item in the house, as soon as possible.
  • In case of busy schedules, opt for appliances or home décor items that can easily be cleaned and managed. For example, a delicate & intricately designed flower pot having fine crafting might fascinate you but is very difficult to clean & kept shining. Instead, choose a more elegant plain surface one which can be one-stroke rubbed for cleaning.
  • Do not bring too much decoration stuff just because it was free or on sale. You will only end up placing the extras at the wrong place.

Invest your money and time in putting up the relevant storage inthe different area of your home. The wall mounted cabinets, storage-cum-sitting sofa, bed with storage box, are few essentialities ofevery household.


  1. Enliven up the walls

A simple single bird print on the wall behind your couch could add vibrancyas high as a luxury chandelier. There is so much one can do with decorating the walls – wall stickers, wallpaper, stone panel, hanging artworks, texture paint, clock. Go with the nature of the room & design your walls appropriately. But make sure to not to overdo things. Make a great mix and match of accessories that could enliven up your walls.


  1. More lightingoptions

Poor lightingmakes your place dull; too much is also not recommended. According to the frequency of the accessibility of the room, see what options, other than roof lights, can go with it. Place lamps on the bedsides, install under-cabinet lights in the kitchen cabinets, hang an over-the-top lamp on to your dining table, add extra light near your main door entrance.


  1. Plants should not be ignored.

Green plants and colourful flowers have the ability to freshen up anyone’s mood. If you do not have space for big plant pots, you can opt for arranging the smaller vase around different corners of your home. You can even mismatch between the real and artificial ones. Place a bamboo pot on the kitchen window, and an artificial single flower stem (preferably made of cloth) on the bathroom cistern or sink, bowl of petals on the coffee table, big circular plant pot on the shoe rack at the main entrance door. Plants look elegant and make you feel fresh.


  1. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…

Almost everyone is obsessed with looking itself in the mirror. Have you noticed a mirror on the wall near the main door at some houses? This is intentionally done for a quick look-check before you leave your home. Placing mirrors around the house would let you believe that you are never alone. Plus, in some cases, a mirror can give an illusion of a bigger space. A foot mirror at a shoe stand is also a brilliant idea.


There is so much you can do, but why not start with above 5s. They are simple and economical too.




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