5 Reasons to Install a Home Heat Recovery System

When renovating a home or building a new one, energy efficiency is an important factor that more and more people are taking into consideration. Having a warm home in the winter time and a cool, fresh house on a hot day is often a highly desired feature, but it can consume a lot of energy, the cost of which rises every year. Installing a Home Heat Recovery System can offer energy efficiency and a warm home without sky-high energy bills or a large initial cost.

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You Heat the Air Once, then Keep it Fresh

A Home Heat Recovery System supplies warm, constantly flowing air to all the rooms of your home to maintain an even temperature. As the air moves through the system, fresh air is introduced while stale air is extracted from your home, without any loss of heat. By doing this you get temperature control and fresh air from the outside.

You Cut Down on Energy Bills, Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Installing a Home Heat Recovery System into a well-insulated house stops warm air escaping your home and keeps the heat in. When the system draws in fresh air from the outside, it heats it before circulating it through your home. Doing this reduces heating bills enormously as you are not continuously heating air that then escapes your home, having to be replaced.

You Improve Your Air Quality, Improving Your Health

Home Heat Recovery Sytems have high-quality air filters fitted as a part of the system. This keeps the air clean by removing harmful particles and even pollen, reducing hay-fever attacks for sufferers. Humidity and condensation are also reduced, preventing mould and easing chest complaints such as Asthma and Emphysema.

Your Heating System is Installed by Specialists

The latest technology requires engineers trained in up to date skills and methods. When installing your Home Heat Recovery System, you know that you are being advised by enthusiastic and dedicated craftsmen who want you to get the most from your installation. Companies like BPC Ventilation Ireland offer expert consultation and quality components, supplying DIY kits or complete installations and giving you expert service from the start to the finish of your build.

You Get Even Heat Throughout Your Home

Every home has its cold spots or that room you do not go in during winter. By using a Home Heat Recovery System, you can ensure your home gets even heating by circulation of warm air to each room and heating the air rather than the walls or floor like other heating solutions. A Heat Recovery System can offer you a higher quality of consistent and even heat throughout your home.

Installing a Home Heat Recovery System is a great way to modernise your existing home or bring the future to a new building. The energy savings it offers mean that over time the system will offset the cost of insulation, therefore, continuing to save you money for many years to come.

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