5 Stress Management Tips for Real Estate Agents

The way real estate agents are depicted in movies and TV shows, it’s really no wonder that people believe that this job is easy, gets paid a lot, comes with a super-flexible schedule, and requires no training at all. The reality cannot be farther from this assumption, as real estate has its highs and lows too. And, when talking to a client who’s already under a lot of stress, real estate laws are not helpful.

In order to calm your clients down, reassure them that buying a house isn’t such a huge, life-changing step, and eventually sell them a story of a “white fence” bliss, you need to stay on top of your game regardless of how burned out, overwhelmed, or under the weather you feel. Stress management is crucial for success in this profession since it allows you to keep your posture and focus on the positive.

Here’s how to live your real estate life to the fullest, in 5 easy steps.

  1. Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health


A tip frequently given to professionals from all walks of life, personal health care is indeed the foundation for a life lived to the fullest. As a client-facing vocation that requires you to smile when you hurt, real estate is no exception. If you want to excel in this niche, then you must keep your health.

With hectic work hours being a huge obstacle to your healthy lifestyle, the best you can do is go back to the basics. Drink plenty of water, eat well-balanced meals, lift some weights whenever you can, and get yourself a good night’s sleep every day. Oh, and don’t forget to have some fun and enjoy the ride.

  1. Manage Your Dreams and Professional Goals

When things are starting to get out of your hands, SMART goal setting is simply the best way of taking control of your life. By definition, these goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive. They can be applied to every little thing in your schedule, private and professional alike.

Say you’re returning to your old habits of being sloppy at work because you’re constantly fatigued and uninspired. Tap into your dreams to find out what motivates you, and then define SMART goals to work on every day. Celebrate your accomplishments, regardless of how tiny and insignificant they are.

  1. Rely on Technology to Automate Your Weeks


The digital age we live in feels like an endless cacophony of meaningless clicks, bad news, and angry people’s voices, but that still doesn’t mean that you cannot silence the noise and rely on technology to make your days a bit easier. Kick off with a task management app, and automate whatever you can.

Then, get one of those wearable sports gadgets to keep you pumped about jogging. If you’re single and need some relief, think about a sex toy. Find high-quality headphones and listen to some jazz, read books on Kindle while you’re carpooling to work, and relax over Netflix movies before bedtime.

  1. Be Ready to Say No & Excited About Saying Yes

Contrary to the popular belief, real estate is a full-time job. When to that you add all the basic responsibilities of being an adult, there’s not a second left to fill the bathtub, kick back, and stay alone with your thoughts. Your mental health craves for some me-time, so start saying no to pushy people.

Start saying yes to new and exciting things instead. Whenever you get a chance to take a pause from work, don’t spend it in the same old smoky bar with the same old friends. Start checking off your travel bucket list, take a knitting course, or learn to dance salsa. Outside of your bubble is a fatigue-free zone.

  1. Establish an Anti-Anxiety Routine & Stick to It

As for the rest of your days, make sure to have a support system to come back to after a long and wearisome meeting with a client. Being stuck in the rut is not the same as having a healthy routine that colors your days with activities you’re already comfortable with and those you’ve yet to try out.

Find the balance between what soothes you (binge-watching your favorite TV shows) and what moves your forward (learning how to roller-skate or becoming a better cook). Whatever you do, this balance is crucial for feeling safe and anxiety-free while experimenting with new things that drive you to grow.


And, don’t let anybody tell you that your job is not hard. The fact that you’re doing it so effortlessly doesn’t mean that you’re not putting a lot of backbreaking work into it, so make that clear. Set healthy boundaries, be stubborn about your personal space, and get yourself some time to unwind and grow.





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