7 Vital Points To Consider before Buying Single Sink Vanities for your Bathroom

Selecting the right sized bathroom vanity will be the first step to remodel your bathroom. The space available plays a vital role in determining what type and size of vanity you need. Besides the size, you should also consider the storage space that you require to accommodate your things in the vanity. There are various types of vanities such as a single sink unit, double sink unit and much more. However, single sink units are the ones which are most popular among the customers owing to the benefits they offer in terms of space storage, décor enhancement and cost. So, if you are planning to buy the single sink vanities, you need to consider a few vital factors.


Here are the top 7 points which should be mulled overbefore you purchase vanities with one sinkfor your bathroom.

  1. Dimensions of your bathroom

First of all, you need to check the dimensions of your bathroom and the space which is available for the installation of a vanity, so that when you buy a vanity, you can ensure that it will perfectly fit in your bathroom without acquiring the extra space.

  1. Type of vanity

There are three types of vanities available in the single sink design. These include wall mounted vanities, and free standing vanities. So, you would have to check your bathroom to determine that which type of vanity will look ideal in the bathroom.

  1. Design of the sink

The single sink, bathroom vanities are available in a variety of sink designs, such as square shaped, oval, horizontal-integrated siphon and much more. So, before you buy a vanity, its good to give a thought to what type of sink design would look good in your bathroom and match its décor perfectly.

  1. Customised or Regular?

This is one of the most imperative questions that you must ask yourself before choosing the bathroom vanity for your bathroom. The off-the-shelf bathroom vanities are available in an array of designs, styles and shapes. But, you have to decide that whether you are satisfied with one of these vanities, or you want to get a customized vanity for your bathroom that can ideally fit in the bathroom while giving it a modish look.

  1. Plumbing

Though, the single sink vanities don’t need much of the plumbing work in the bathroom, but if you are remodeling the bathroom, the plumbing work may account for a considerable chunk of your budget. Even if you are simply switching from a conventional floor-mounted vanity with a wall-mounted one, you would have to get your pipes and drains rerouted. So, ensure that the bathroom vanity you are planning to buy won’t disrupt your plumbing structure and if it will, the changes stay in your pre-decided budget.

  1. Materials

Depending on the place where you live and what type of environment it usually has, like wet, dry or humid, you should select the material of the vanity which can withstand the environmental conditions. Also, try to avoid the vanities with hard-to-clean grouts.

  1. Height

Consider that who all are going to use the vanity before deciding on its height. Too tall or too small vanities can be quite frustrating. Thus, considering the right height for vanity is a very important aspect, and is one of the most overlooked one as well.

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