8 Great Decoration Tips to Brighten Up Any Boring Classroom

Do you ever find your students to be bored and uninvolved in class? Then, you might be missing classroom decors.

It is well known that a colorful and well-decorated classroom is one way to keep the class atmosphere lively. Engage your students by allowing them to help with the classroom decors! Here are some great ideas you might want to try out:

Schoolchildren bored in a classroom, during lesson.

1. The Readbox : Free Book Rental

Students will have a hard time ignoring the reading corner with a fully decorated Readbox on it. So, add the bookshelf on the designated corner along with ‘free book rental’ on it. You may also add other fun labels such as ‘$0 per night’. After which, you will see more children reading in no time.

2. The Helpers’ Wall

Reinforce your students’ good deeds with the helpers’ wall. First, stick colored paper on the wall entitled ‘Helpers’. If you want, you can add color-coded stickers on the wall that indicate what kind of helper your student is. Some fun ideas include line leader, messenger, librarian, and lunch buddy. Moreover, you can stick these stickers on your students’ hands every time they help someone in the classroom.

3. Entrance Reminder

You want your students to start out each day knowing how wonderful they are. So, decorate the classroom’s front door reminding your student just that. It may sound like: “You are an important person” or whatever great message you want to give to them.

4. Birthday Poster

Stick a birthday poster on a clear wall and never forget birthdays again! Write down the twelve months of the calendar and list each student’s name underneath the months. Make sure the poster is colorfully made. Generally, this beautiful poster will add something your students will look forward to.

5. Seeds in Shoes

Have your students collect old sneakers to be recycled as fun planters.Then, pound holes on the sneakers’ bottoms for drainage and start filling soil. After which, you may plant seeds or flowers on these planters depending on the lessons you have taught in class. This is certain to add life to any classroom.

6. Ninja Turtle Lanterns

Hanging lanterns have always been colorful ways to brighten up a room. Add a simple bandana mask cutout, and they look just like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! You can cut out the four different colors to represent each of the turtles, too. This is especially fun when the room is dark.

7. Room with a View

Does your classroom have no windows? That can be easily changed by painting a scenery. This is especially enriching when done with your students.

First, ask for the principal’s permission before doing any kind of wall painting. Once permitted, sketch out wonderful sceneries on paper. They can be a scene at a park or an ocean view. You can paint those designs with your students and marvel at your artistry.

8. Colorful chairs

Having an array of colorful chairs are sure to cheer up any student. They can span from green, yellow, and brown depending on your preference. Advantage Church Chairs are wonderful options for seating because they are customizable according to any preference students have.


These teacher-tested ideas are great ways to liven any dull classroom. Since a lot of learning takes place in these rooms, you want the best possible setup for your students. Ultimately, this will increase your students’ involvement in classroom discussion.

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