9 Packing Tips to Get Packed Fast

Before you get down to packing it seems very easy and nothing special. However, a lot of homeowners confess that packing was one of the most complicated processes and tasks to complete in the entire moving enterprise. So if you would like to pack easier and more efficiently to eliminate stress read the tips from professional mover company in Edmonton.

1. Gather packing supplies
It is extremely frustrating to start packing and then go out of wrapping paper, boxes, or tape. So experts from Calgary movers advise collecting all the packing supplies beforehand and in access.

2. No heavy boxes
No one likes carrying heavy items, especially if they can be made not heavy. So try to make your boxes less than 25 kg so your movers will be comfortable carrying them when loading and unloading the truck. Moreover, put heavier items on the bottom of the boxes to make them more stable.

3. No empty spaces
There will always be some empty spaces in boxes when you pack. Many people just leave them, but professionals from a mover company in Edmonton advise filling these gaps with scarves, socks, pillow cases and any other small fabric items in order to save space and at the same time secure the items in the boxes.

4. Small items go in small boxes
There is no need to make all your boxes large. If you have some things that go in original small boxes, pack them like that. Furthermore, very small items, like jewelry, should be packed into smaller boxes and then these boxes into larger ones.

5. Not everything must be packed
There are things, such as large appliances or pieces of furniture, that do not require packing, so do not try to pack everything you see. If you are not sure what things can be left unpacked, consult your movers for some tips.

6. Do not waste empty space
If you are moving the whole house including furniture, you should know that drawers and some closed shelves in the wardrobes can actually be used for some things. Do not waste this empty space, pack there something light and volume. But make sure to secure the closed position of such places with tape.

7. Pack essentials
Think about essential items you will need within first couple of days until unpacking is not finished. Such essentials must be packed into a separate box or boxes and labeled to ensure that you find these boxes in the truck in the first place.

8. Keep important records
Make sure to collect all the documents together and always keep them with you. Do not send any valuable items with the movers.

9. Stay in order
One of the easiest things to pack, according to mover company in Edmonton is to pack one room at a time. In this way you will be able to keep track of all the things packed and are to be not to miss a thing. And you will also simplify the unloading and unpacking processes a lot.

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