A Beginner’s Guide to Home Plumbing

Even if you aren’t too interested in the inner workings of your home, in the event of a plumbing problem you need to be at least capable of minimising the damage. This is why it’s important to learn all about the anatomy of plumbing, because even basic information might eventually save your home.


For example, those who don’t know too much about plumbing might decide to ignore small leaks they might have noticed in the system. Everyone with experience knows that these small leaks are exactly the ones that lead to massive headaches down the line, so knowing how to track the problem to its source is essential if you want to save yourself from future massive repair fees.

What are the common causes of clogging?

Depending on the area of the home, you normally have two culprits. If it’s the bathroom, then it’s most likely hair. If it happens to be the kitchen, then all types of grease are known for clogging up the pipes. The former can be easily rectified by purchasing a filter to prevent any hair from causing damage to the drain (you’ll have to clean the filter regularly). If you want to be able to protect your kitchen’s pipes, then make sure that anything containing fat or grease is thrown in the trash instead of down the drain. Your plumbing will thank you for it!

Turning off the water in the event of a plumbing issue

All plumbing systems have a single tap or valve you can turn off to stop the flow of water completely. This shut-off valve as they call it is absolutely essential when it comes to minimising the risk of damage to your home in the event of a plumbing issue. After all, the last thing you need is continuously running water causing more damage to your home if there happens to be a burst pipe. If you aren’t quite sure of where in your home this valve happens to be, it’s most likely located on the ground floor. Common areas include the garage, or even the basement. If you happen to be renting an apartment, then make sure that you ask your landlord for the location of your shut-off valve, just in case.

Being able to handle your own plumbing most definitely has its uses, but when it comes to most people it’s enough to just know what to do in the event of a big problem. It’s also important to know when to leave it to the professionals. Emergency plumbers London are always available for you in case you might need professional help. After all, there will be moments when the issue becomes too big to solve on your own, and in cases like those it’s best not to waste any time in getting professional help.


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