A Classy Comeback: Simple Tips for Vanity Table Shopping

If you didn’t already know it, the home design news is that vanity tables are making a big comeback in homes across the country and if you want to be on trend, here is a look at how to find the right one that suits your home perfectly.

If you are looking for a vanity unity for your bathroom or a vanity desk for the bedroom, places like Bed Bath & Beyond are a good place to look, and there is certainly a mind-boggling choice of different styles to choose from.

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Different types of bathroom vanities

If you thought that there were only a few choices when it comes to bathroom vanities, you will quickly be surprised at just how many different variations there are available.

Bathrooms generally offer only a small but functional space to work with in your home and when you think of all the plumbing and electrical wiring challenges that you have to contend with as well, you can see why the vanity unit is proving so popular again.

Single or double-sink vanities help to provide some valuable extra storage space and they also give you the perfect chance to hide some of that unsightly but necessary plumbing away from view.

Even if you have limited space or an unconventional bathroom layout, you can find corner vanities, which are ideal for bathrooms where space is at a premium.

Choosing the right combination

Shopping for a vanity can be reasonably straightforward if you are intending on purchasing a ready-made unit which already has all the components you need.

One of the reasons why a vanity is such a popular option right now is because it gives you a degree of design freedom. If you don’t want a ready-made option, you can choose your own cabinet materials, countertops and sink, as well as a number of other bespoke design options, so that you end up with a unit that is exactly what you want for your space.

Dressing table in the bedroom

The classic white vanity table has been enduringly popular with many of us if the truth was told, and that is because it combines a touch of elegance with a great deal of practicality.

There is nothing like bringing a bit of Hollywood glamour to your bedroom and creating a space that you can call your own, where you can prepare and pamper yourself with all the bits and pieces you need all within easy reach.

The two keywords that justify why vanities are all the rage again are glamorous and practical and a big bold lady’s desk which provides enough room to spare for a pair of glitzy lamps, is the epitome of why they are trending right now.

Who would have thought that a table could transform your bedroom into a sophisticated boudoir? But that is what you can achieve and more when you consider the use of vanities in your home.

Combine all of the elements you are looking for with storage solutions and good looks being just two of them, and you will find a vanity that fits the bill just perfectly.

Katherine Bailey is a shopaholic with expensive tastes, though she knows the advantages of thrift shops and antiques! She blogs about design, decor and more for a selection of women’s lifestyle blogs.

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