A Few Home Improvement and Remodeling Ideas for Small Homes

Remodeling and improvement of the appearance of a small home may not necessarily be a problematic and a painful task. Of course, working on a big house or apartment is easier, but by following certain practical tips and with the help of creativity, it is possible to create a small but comfortable home with pleasant living space and interior without limiting the modern look of the home and its practicality. The following is a short list of advice and suggestions that can help you achieve these goals.

Start with a living room

In case the living room in your small apartment or house is designed in a way which makes it lengthier compared to its width, use your creativity and divide this space into two or even three separate spaces. Use a smaller piece of furniture and make one of the areas suitable for sitting, a working corner or even a gallery where you can place a bed. Choose custom designed cabinets and it is better to find built-in cabinets in order to use the space to the maximum. This is a great idea especially when we are talking about small studios.

Multi-purpose furniture

When we talk about small apartments and rooms, it is the best idea to use furniture that has multiple purposes. Purchase furniture that can be folded like a wall bed, so you can turn your living room into a bedroom during the night. During the day you can use this space as an office too. Folding furniture can make any space more functional and practical. On the other hand, children’s rooms, which cover a small area, can gain more space in case you purchase bunk beds or if you use a cabinet with open shelves that can be turned into work table if needed. If you want to save some money on this furniture you can use specialized websites like CouponChief.com in order to get discounts and coupons. Websites like this one have access to hundreds of stores and you can be sure that you are getting the best deals.

Use the power of mirrors

You can use mirrors as a decorative element in any room and you can place them wherever there is space for them. It is a well-known fact that mirrors make any space visually larger and brighter which is especially important for small homes that usually have poor daily lighting. If it is possible, place a mirror close to the windows because it fill additionally increase the features of mirrors – they will reflect more light and make you feel that you are staying in a much larger room. You won’t believe how spacious homes can look with more mirrors.

Get rid of unnecessary items

Your home should look as simple as possible. Small homes will look bigger only if you avoid using unnecessary pieces of furniture. Don’t focus on small details and small things. Avoid using many small pieces of floor coverings and use one large rug instead. Decorative elements (like figurines for example) should be kept to a minimum. The central parts of each room should be left free because this will create a feeling of more space and this is exactly what we need in small homes.


Order custom made kitchen elements, so you can take advantage of every inch of space and every corner in this space. If you can accept to live without a classic dining room, create a high bar with two or three chairs.

The importance of color

Another good advice is to turn the apartment or house in one color. Paint the interior walls without borders, details and patterns that can visually reduce the space in any room. It is highly recommended to use bright and mild shades which won’t make the space smaller than it actually is. Many experts suggest the use of some of the following colors – white, light pink, apricot color, yellow or beige.

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