ADT Home Security: Get Better Protection

With all of the turmoil going on in the world today, you may be thinking about how you can protect your family and home from harm. ADT home security is one of the best home protection plans available and has been offering this type of protection for years. The truth is that they offer a lot of different protection options that you may not have even realized were available.


Burglary Protection
ADT can place alarms at all entries to your home. Should someone break into your home, you will be alerted at once. However, you will not have to worry about false alarms to the police as you can have ADT call your home first to verify if someone accidentally tripped the alarm. If you are worried about windows, you will never have to worry again as glass break detectors will alert you if something were to happen.

Fire Protection
Your alarm company will also set you up with fire protection. Smoke detectors and heat sensors can be placed at specific places in your home to get the most protection. If smoke or heat is detected, the alarm will go off. This will alert you and your family if sleeping, and you can set your account up to have ADT call your home first to verify if there is a fire. If there is, you can worry about getting out while ADT calls the fire department.

Carbon Monoxide Protection
Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen when your fuel is not being burned properly in your home heater. A carbon monoxide detector can save your life. If the detector goes off, you can get your family out and call a professional in to take care of the issue. As this gas is deadly, this detector is something that no home should be without.

Water Protection
Each year, thousands of homes are damaged from water leaks. One small leak in your basement could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. A water detector can be placed at strategic locations throughout your home to alert you of a potential leak. This is especially important if you have a sump pump in your basement as a breakdown could cause major flooding.

ADT home security offers complete protection for homeowners and their families. All it takes is one break-in, one fire, one malfunction, or one water leak and your life could change forever. Getting the best protection from the best home security company is a must.

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