How To Get Familiar With Garden Tools And Maintenance

When you first buy a home, a garden is the last place to get any attention and once you have noticed it needs some tending you may find yourself spending extra money on a lawn-service weekly because you don’t have the tools to attack it. It is suggested that when you move in you get the lawn professionally maintained once to get it to a reasonable state. Same with the home, if others have lived there for a while you will want to clean it thoroughly with a cleaning crew. Then you can maintain it Read more [...]

How Does Pruning Your Trees Protects Them and Saves You Money?

If you have trees or bushes growing in your yard, you have probably been told about the importance pruning them. Perhaps, you have been thinking about getting this done, but have delayed calling a tree service company. It might help if you understand exactly how pruning your trees protects them and saves you money at the same time. Below are four ways that pruning helps to protect your trees and makes them last longer. 1. Prevent Insect Infestation and Decay Regularly removing broken or dead Read more [...]

Decomposition For Dummies – A Guide To Chemical Stump Removal

Compared to physical removal, using chemicals to rid of your tree stump can be a long process. You'll need to have a lot of patience as the overall task can take a number of weeks, but it's an incredibly simple process. It's safe and effective, and won’t put strain on you physically as digging out the stump may. This method is far more cost effective, and so is useful if you have more than one stump to remove. Potassium nitrate is a common ingredient in stump removal liquids on today's market. Read more [...]