Avoid getting bitten by a Zika virus infested mosquito – Some preventive measures

It’s indeed tough to believe that a single small mosquito bite can be capable of causing intense damage to your health. But this is exactly what we are seeing with the increase in Zika virus which is becoming a matter of concern for all health specialists. Though researchers are trying their best to figure out the ways in which the Zika virus affects us, yet one thing is for sure that preventing ourselves from being subject to such Zika infested mosquitoes should be our first priority. The US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention said that this virus can be responsible for such a disorder among new-born babies that would cause the baby’s head to be too small as it should be.


Instead of fretting about this virus, it’s high time we do something to safeguard ourselves from its poisonous bite. Here are some steps to take.

  • It’s all about choosing the right mosquito repellent

The CDC or the Centers for Disease Control recommends some products with active ingredients like picaridin, deet, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR 3535. Deet is a standard ingredient and most of the mosquito repellents are being tested to make sure there’s enough Deet in it. If you’re concerned about its health impacts, you can remain rest assured that it won’t harm you during any stage, not even during pregnancy. New born babies from women who have used deet showed no abnormal neurological performances. Hence it has been proved that repellents containing deet is safe.

  • You should know how to apply the repellent correctly for maximum benefit

You should apply bug spray only after applying sunscreen lotion lest your SPF masks the effects of the repellent. Don’t wear the mosquito repellent under clothes as it won’t evaporate if you wear it above clothes. Avert spraying it on wounds and cuts. Don’t ever forget to spray the repellent on your feet as this specific mosquito infested with Zika virus has an attraction towards the feet. If you want to protect your child, you should spray the repellent on to your hands before you rub it on his skin. Avoid applying it on the mouth, eyes and around the ears.

  • You can also stay careful on your own to avoid mosquito bites

If you wish to opt for organic zika protection, in a natural way, you can take some steps on your own. Wear long pants and tops with long sleeves. You can also get added protection with clothing that contains permethrin which is nothing but an insecticide. Permethrin products are considered as safe even for pregnant women by the Environmental Protection Agency. Also stick to shoes that fully cover your feet.

Therefore, instead of being affected by this harmful Zika virus and falling sick, it is anytime better to follow the above mentioned steps to avoid being bit by such virus infected mosquitoes. Choose the best organic repellent to get best results with protecting yourself.

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