Benefits of Weekly Pool Service-Admiral Pools

The luxury of owning a pool is one that most do not take for granted. Whether its use is for enjoying backyard barbeques with friends and family or escaping for a cool dip in the water, our pools serve as an important part of homelife. In order to get the most out of having a pool, regular maintenance, cleaning, and checkups are necessary. Because these tasks can be daunting, hiring a pool company tends to be the most efficient way to keep your pool up and running.


Pool water is easily contaminated and dirtied, especially when used often. The experts at Admiral Pools explain, “Most pool owners are unaware when or how the water in their pool becomes unhealthy because these changes are not always visible to the naked eye. Debris, dirt, grime, and bacteria are just some problems that can add to the state of a pool’s health, and when untreated can cause serious health problems for those in and around the water.”

Scottsdale Pool services take the stress out of having to worry about the state of your pool’s water. Whether debris is on the top or bottom of the water, pool technicians remove any visible waste in the pool. They also test the water’s chemical balance and add or reduce certain chemicals that need to be adjusted for maximum quality. Proper chemical balance is difficult to achieve without the appropriate knowledge, and can be the difference between a safe and unsafe pool.

Another area where problems often arise are in a pool’s filtering system. Filtering systems help keep water clean by ensuring every particle is regulated and filtered. There are many components that make up a filter system including the pump, motor, and the filter itself. Each of these vital parts need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, which can mean disassembling the parts. Because these components are almost always in use, breakdown is common.

Scottsdale Pool Repair companies specialize in the cleaning and repair of all pool equipment. Whether it’s your filtering system, vacuum, or spa that is on the fritz, pool technicians have the tools and insight to tackle the problem head on. Most pool companies will carry around different brands of parts that often need fixing, so there is no unnecessary wait time once a problem is discovered.

Unfortunately, we have all likely seen our pool’s water go from crystal clear and blue to a murky, green color overnight. This is caused by a buildup of algae and bacteria that often goes unnoticed. When a pool company services your pool weekly, the potential for green water is cut substantially. Pool servicing includes scrubbing the pool’s walls and steps, which often rids the walls of the opportunity for grime build up, and cleaning out the basket, where debris can be stuck for weeks on end. Admiral Pools, located in the Phoenix area, says, “It is difficult to know how often a pool should be cleaned, but the truth is once a week is the right number for the pool to be kept in the best condition. When we come for a weekly checkup, our technicians test the filter system, remove debris, check the functioning of all equipment, test chemicals, brush the pool’s walls, and clean baskets.”

In order for your pool to be a safe environment for family and friends, be sure it is serviced on a regular basis. There is a lot of maintenance required to keep up a functioning pool. Allowing a pool company into your backyard takes the stress and hassle out of the process and allows you to focus your time elsewhere. You never know what is happening beneath the surface of your pool water, so let an expert take a look for you.

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