Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but this does not mean you cannot reinvent and decorate it to suit your taste. You’ll encounter some challenges, of course, like making sure there is enough space for the shower area, where to hang the towels, or how to organize the sink and toilet. You can find inspiration from creative and artistic small bathroom designs when you check out new condos in Toronto or you can get a few ideas from our list below:


Mount a corner sink. Install a sink in the corner, and position it across the toilet, not across the shower. The shower door needs ample space to avoid hassle during opening and closing. A corner sink also makes the walk-around inside the bathroom easier without it disrupting the open space.

Use a shower curtain. Compared to a glass door moving in and out, a shower curtain is simply moved back and forth. There are small shower tubs that can snuggly fit into small bathrooms, and your tub can be separated from the toilet and sink through the shower curtain.

Consider a glass panel. Instead of a shower door or a shower curtain, another better option to create division between your bath and the toilet is a glass panel. It usually keeps water from spreading to the entire bathroom floor. Plus, a glass panel looks classy and gives the illusion of bigger space.

Choose a convenient vanity. The vanity can make any space appear bigger than it usually is. For your bathroom, find a wall-mounted vanity and set it just above the sink. Rounded vanity can blend well in squared spaces, and keep you from getting hit on corners. Some vanities have pedestal designs with a single shelf to hold bathroom towels, box of toilet paper and some toiletries.

Consider wall-mounted ideas. Mounting is a great space saver especially in a small bathroom space. Aside from a wall-mounted mirror, you can also use a mounted towel bar or handle on the shower door to keep at least one towel handy. A wall-mounted faucet paves way for a narrower sink and frees up some space.

Go for saturated and neutral colors. Lighter shade for a small, compact bathroom gives a more spacious illusion. A white shade or a soft neutral palette for your bathroom wall and fixtures and light-colored color motif for your shower curtain, towels and other bath accessories creates a neat environment.

Do some de-cluttering. Organize your bathroom items and put them in their proper place. Your toiletries can be stored inside a compact, wall-mounted shelf but not spread out on your countertop. Rather, decorate your countertop with a succulent or fresh flowers and some potpourri. Your towels must also be neatly stocked in linen baskets or on the wall-mounted shelf as well.

Designing your small bathroom is fun, and because the space is small, it’s ok to splurge a little.

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