Best Terrace Style for Your Home

A terrass or terrace is a raised platform that links the interior house space to the outdoor area.  A terraced home is basically built to provide dual purpose- natural light and ventilation. Auckland Design Manual further adds that terraces are efficient because of decreased wall area. Outdoor space like a terrace can offer an area of open-air relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor garden.

Different styles of homes, owner preferences and lifestyles, and space appropriateness require a variety of terraces. Here is a list of different terrace styles you can utilize for your own homes.

  1. Open Dining Space and Kitchen

If enjoy cooking and eating with the family and friends, this terrace style suits your needs! The semi-open roofing allows you to be intimate with nature by letting a little sunlight in the area. You do not have to worry during rain since the roofing is designed to deliver water to available rain catchers.

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  1. Mediterranean Style

Love to fill your space with multi-hued cushions, couches, and lamps? Then, this style will definitely catch your attention with its summer theme complementing elements such as natural materials, flooring, and stone walls. The rustic appearance of stones coupled with pale yellow or white paint brings the South summer feels.

  1. Indoor Garden

Duplicating nature in your own home can be both therapeutic and appealing. Studies in environmental psychology reveal that mental health and productivity are improved with plant connections. Growing your own flowers or vegetables can improve quality of air in your home and provide fresh ingredients for cooking. A properly maintained garden also looks attractive to guests and friends.

  1. Semi-confined Garden Terrace

The classic semi-enclosed terrace lies in the middle of the garden. The pieces of furniture and arrangement creates an indirect linkage to the main house, making it look like an extension. This type of terrace allows more area for walking or strolling and can function as your center piece.

  1. Backyard Barbecue

This style is for those homeowners who like to invite friends and family for bondings, hangouts, or simple barbecue parties. The simple and minimalist style of this terrace enables more movements of people and creates a social kitchen atmosphere. Wooden floorings coupled with white or brown paints support a great family dining moment.

  1. Rooftop Terrace

Relaxation at a higher level is what this style is all about. With comfy furniture, snacks, and cocktails under the stars, dim lights, excellent view, and cool breeze, a rooftop terrace entices people to stay for a while.

  1. Classic Terrace

The timeless atmosphere of neutral colors and pastel yellow combined with rattan pieces of furniture present the instant charm of classic feels. Enjoying either rain and sunlight, this style is usually great with a maintained landscape.

  1. Modern Minimalist Terrace

A space and a few arrangements will already create a simple minimalist area for relaxation or entertainment.

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