Blinding the Outside World Out Of Your Front Room

You’ve got the perfect house, an excellent back yard and the kids are settled in the local school. The only problem? It happens to be situated right next to a road that gets busy during peak traveling hours.

We’re not going to speculate on some of the obvious safety issues here. After all, living next to a busy road isn’t the ideal location for a family home.


Instead, we’re going to focus on some of more internal issues; problems that will affect you as you sit inside your front room. These are namely privacy and sound pollution.

The first is probably going to be the main concern for most households, after all – who wants to be sat watching television only for strangers to be peering in? The answer is probably very few people.

Up until recently households in this situation would have been left in a tricky situation. Finding a medium where you could let natural light in, but still retain a large degree of privacy, was pretty much impossible.

We’ve had access to Venetian blinds for a number of years now and there’s no doubt that they do work a treat in these situations. They allow light to be filtered and for any onlookers out there, the view is more or less masked. Additionally, the fact that you can opt for wooden, faux wood or even a metallic option means that from a design perspective the choices are endless.

However, over recent times we’ve been gifted with another blind option – one that is perhaps even more suitable for this situation. Top-down bottom-up shades are a relatively new invention, but in relation to safeguarding privacy they are absolutely ideal. They can be manipulated so just the bottom portion of a window is masked, meaning that natural sunlight is still permitted through the upper segment. Ultimately, you can position them so you can stop prying eyes – and sort that privacy problem out once and for all.

The other problem we spoke about with this situation was sound. Suffice to say, living next to a busy road is not going to do anything for people who are craving a lie-in, or are just sick of the noise of running engines. It’s in this case where another modern product has come to the rescue, with insulated shades being the system in question.

As the name suggests, these are designed to insulate a space. They have been engineered to have a cellular appearance, with the main aim so heat can be trapped and rooms can retain their thermal properties. However, the same works from a sound perspective. They can also prevent sound waves from pounding through your glass and give you and your family a much quieter life.

The beauty is that both of these approaches can be combined. Top-down bottom-up shades can work with a variety of product types, meaning that it is now possible to conquer both privacy and sound in one fell swoop – and beat away the drawbacks that hinder that ‘almost-perfect’ home.

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