Why are LED light bulbs the best way to save energy?

LED lights are an economical choice when it comes to low energy illumination. Initially they cost higher than regular CFLs and incandescent but in the long run, they guarantee savings. That is the reason why most commercial structures are adopting redesigned lighting using LEDs these days. Ever speculated why our electric bills are going up every month? The root cause is our home’s lighting system. LED: The Solution A redesigned lighting system that involves LEDs reduces the energy usage massively. Read more [...]

Make Your Home Energy Efficient – Insulate the Walls, Windows and Floor

In these days of rising energy bills, coupled with our increasing awareness of the need to conserve energy for the benefit of the environment, one form of home improvement that is becoming more and more popular is insulation. There are several ways in which you can keep the interior of your house warm, whilst at the same time increasing its energy efficiency and also its marketability. In this article, we look at the three most popular of these. Cavity Wall Insulation More recently-built Read more [...]