Commercial Real Estate Acquisition, Management and Valuation

The Welfont Group, located in Tampa Florida is a boutique Commercial Real Estate Brokerage that focuses on client-centric service. They have acquired over 10 million in acquisitions in more than 30 states in the US. Their strategy is one that makes them national leaders in helping clients maximize after tax yields while using 1031 and 170 exchanges.

Investment Strategy

The first step in commercial real estate acquisition is to understand the needs and objectives of the client and create a strategy around achieving the investment goals. In this process, it’s important to consider the clients risk profile, yield goals, knowledge, hands-on involvement, and liquidity preferences.


Once an investment strategy has been formalized, research will indicate the optimal prospective candidates to meet the investment strategy. Successful acquisition requires utilizing the deep rooted relationships that the firm and the clients have developed over time.


A client profile is developed that demonstrates the key asset preferences and competitive advantages to investors, sellers and brokers of prospective properties.


Through extensive relationships and well positioned marketing, a selection of prospective properties is arranged, reviewed and approached accordingly. The Welfont Group will work to get signed agreements that benefit all parties.

Due Diligence

The due diligence team works with the client to obtain all the necessary, including market information, valuations, surveys, property condition reports, and so forth.


The real estate acquisitions team will work with the client and the sellers to finalize the transaction and any post closing items that require attention.

Understanding Asset Management

Acquisition services is only one part of the client services package. At the client’s discretion, Welfont Group can and will manage each property and maximize the value of their assets. Welfont Group stands out from the competition with their proprietary system of managing vacant, distressed or under utilized properties.

In this system, our asset management group analyzes each asset and creates an asset management plan to: decrease costs, maintain property conditions, increase property value and maximize value through dispositions.

Each asset or property requires its own unique strategy which usually necessitates local market and type of asset expertise. Welfont Group doesn’t offer this service to anyone. It is only available to new and existing acquisition clients. The full turnkey solution asset management service is developed to achieve the best possible outcomes for each client.

Commercial real estate advisory and valuation

Understanding complex tax laws can be a challenge for everyone involved in a real estate deal. So, at Welfont Group we offer our clients and all involved in the deal both advisory and valuation services to help demystify the complex terms of the IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale and the 1031 Exchange.


The Welfont Group advisory services consist of assisting both sellers and buyers with the details of 1031 and 170 Exchanges, as it relates to the particular transaction and not just general tax advice. In addition, Welfont Group offers advisory services to investors of distressed, value-add, or under-utilized investment properties.


Appraisal services are provided by a wide network of leading appraisers across the U.S. who we work with in 170 Exchange, investment, and financing said appraisals.

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