familiar home or apartment possible. While there may be no limits to what you could spend on user-friendly features, you could create an accessible bathroom even on a small budget.


What You Need for an Accessible Bathroom


What is essential in the bathroom?

The answer seems obvious, when you are thinking about making accessible bathrooms on a budget in Sydney, but a person with mobility issues or unsteadiness needs to be able to get into the room and feel safe using the sink, toilet, and tub or shower.


Comfort height/high-rise toilet

Most standard models of this essential feature are 15 inches tall. Adding an extra two inches makes the commode more usable by someone with mobility issues. Even big-box stores carry comfort height toilets that start around $100 and many manufacturers offer nearly as many higher models as they do standard. You can upgrade your bathroom fixtures in a style you like while ensuring that they meet ADA requirements for accessible toilets.


Grab bars

Sturdy bars made of stainless steel are the basics of bathroom safety for the elderly, the immobile and the disabled. Often installed around the toilet, in a bathtub or shower, or on other walls in the bathroom, they provide support and foster independence in using the bathroom facilities. To meet ADA standards, grab bars need to be made of sturdy materials and properly installed so that they do not pull away from the wall or floor.


Shower seats and bath benches

When seating is available in a bath or shower, a person with disabilities can safely enjoy the process of bathing without fear of falling. Such equipment even makes activities such as soaking the feet or shaving the legs more convenient. Free-standing benches that start around $25 are readily available, but these may not fit everyone’s needs. Shower seats are often built into the design of a new bathroom, but models that mount to the wall can be more stable, and some even flip up against the wall.


Walk in bathtubs and showers

Adding a walk-in tub or shower is by far the most costly upgrade when creating an accessible bathroom. A more affordable solution is to have a portion of your tub cutout and finished to allow easy access to a walk-in shower. Alternatively, you can have a removable watertight cutout added to your bathtub. Ballpark prices for a walk-in or step over cutout start at under thousand dollars, while having the waterproof door ads an additional $500. These costs are a fraction of those for a walk-in bathtub, which often costs thousands of dollars by the time you purchase the equipment, pay for installation, and perhaps increase the size of your water tank or add additional support to your bathroom floor joists.


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