Dadar Parsi Colony – A paradise in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its fast life, its chaos, its pollution, its speed. But, in the middle of all this, lies the Parsi Colony in Dadar, which is a complete opposite, of all the noise and chaos that Mumbai is synonymous with.

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It was founded by Mr. Mancherji Joshi, when the British ruled India, more than eighty years ago. There are about forty five thousand Zoroastrians living in Mumbai, and about ten thousand of them live in the Parsi Colony in Dadar. This makes it the largest concentration of Zoroastrians/Parsis in the country. It is very famously said, that every fourth Zoroastrian in Mumbai, lives here.

This beautiful property in Mumbai has only Zoroastrians as its inhabitants. The Zoroastrian community recently emerged victorious, from a very long legal battle, as the Mumbai court has passed an order which prohibits builders from selling flats to anyone who is a Non–Parsi. So if you happen to take a walk in the Dadar Parsi Colony and fall in love with the place, sulk on, because there is no chance you can buy a property in mumbai here!

If you’ve never heard of or been to the Dadar Parsi Colony before, here are some of its distinct characteristics and why it feels like a paradise…

Clean Air & Pleasant Climate: Mumbai is one of the most polluted cities in India, of not the world. Owning to deforestation, on the pretext of development, Mumbai’s air is filled with toxic gases. But if you ever go wandering in this colony, you will forget that you are in Mumbai. This Parsi colony has plenty of trees on either side of its roads. The air is pure and clean and the climate is cool, even during the summers!

Parks and Gym: There are innumerable parks in this colony. There is a park at the end of almost every street. Boys playing football and children playing on the slides and swings are a common sight in the evenings. It’s also ideal for walks and jogs. There is one park, which has gym equipment like weights and different rods for exercise. This is an ideal environment to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Old World Charm: Even though it is situated in Mumbai which is a metropolitan city, The Dadar Parsi Colony has an old world charm. Because its residents are only Zoroastrians, they have managed to retain their tradition and culture. This has also been a home to their fore fathers. The people, the scenic beauty, the unadulterated traditions and the architecture of the place all add to its old world charm. There are a lot of old buildings in this colony. None of the buildings here are more than three floors high. This is a rare sight in Mumbai, as Mumbai is filled with sky scrapers.

Interesting Sightings: Whenever you are in this colony you are bound to spot something interesting. Many residents here own dogs and you will find a dog walker with three to four exotic dogs on the leash, on every other road here. Vintage and old cars are all around. You can find men playing cards on an old car, at some nook. And don’t be alarmed if you spot a horse too!

In the Heart of Mumbai: In Mumbai, it is almost impossible to find a colony that is filled with tradition, has such a clean atmosphere, peaceful surroundings, all in the heart of the city. Residents here get the best of both worlds- the old and the new!

If you live around Mumbai or have a few extra days in your holiday, you should definitely talk a walk here and experience and new Mumbai, within Mumbai!

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