Daniel DeKoter talks about the best areas in Osceola County

As any resident in Osceola County will testify, this is one of the most in-demand areas of Florida. It is constantly grabbing the headlines (for all the right reasons, we should add) and this is the purpose of today’s article.

Through the help of Daniel DeKoter, who knows all about this region of the country, we will now take a look at the main elements which make up Osceola County. Whether you are looking to relocate from Iowa or another area of the US, read on to find where you should be heading to in Osceola County.


Let’s start with Kissimmee, which happens to be the largest town in the whole of the county with a population said to be in the region of 60,000.

If we turn back the clock, history suggests that this was known for its cattle trade, and shipping. It also used to be known as Allendale, which can act as a reason for confusion for some residents.

Nowadays, it depends quite a lot on tourism. This is because of the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971, which naturally transformed a lot of nearby areas.

Town of Celebration

As the name might suggest, this is one of the more interesting areas of Osceola County. It probably won’t come as a surprise to read that this was devised by the Walt Disney Company, who aimed to put Walt Disney’s vision into a real-life community. He wanted a town where residents live, work and play, and as something of a tribute to him all of the homes were created with a 40s and 50s feel.

The town only has a population of 7,500, but as one might suspect it does attract a lot of tourism. This is because it is directly linked to World Drive – which is the main road into the Walt Disney resorts.

Champions Gate

Champions Gate is another one of those regions with a somewhat interesting name, although rather than being a residential community this is instead focussed entirely around golf. Again, it’s located very close to the Walt Disney World Resort, which simply fuels the number of visitors this premier golfing destination receives.

The fact that one of the best golf coaches in the world, in the form of David Leadbetter, uses this as his home course speaks volumes about its reputation.

Town of Harmony

Another interesting community comes in the form of the Town of Harmony. This is actually one of the newest towns in the area, having only been founded in 2001. It has a huge environmental focus, with all of the homes being Energy Star rated. There is almost 8,000 acres of open space here and the Town of Harmony has been lauded, all over the world, for its intelligent design and its emphasis on the environment. For anyone who wants to move to an area with a true sense of modern-day living, this should be your choice.

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