Dayanna Volitich – The Benefits of Doing DIY

When I was growing up I never really had anyone to show me about home improvement or DIY projects, my parents were both professionals and generally paid professionals to carry out tasks, rather than getting their hands dirty. It was only when I bought my first house and was trying to save some money then that I began thinking about getting things done on my own. I enlisted the support of my good friend Dayanna Volitich and sense then we have completed many projects together around both of our homes. Something which I had never realized about DIY was just how  beneficial it can be to you and here are just some of the reasons why I would recommend it to anyone.


Cost Saving


The obvious benefit of performing a DIY task is of course that in doing so you will be able to save a lot of money on labor. Some may say that you get what you pay for and paying a professional could get you a higher quality project, but with a bit of practice there is nothing to say that you cannot do the job to a high standard, and save the money that you would’ve spent on a professional.




I had no idea until I started just how motivated I would feel when I was carrying out a DIY project. Recently I was working on a chest of drawers and the additional energy that I felt was noticeable from the moment that I woke up. Humans need a challenge and this provided me with something that I could really get my teeth into and it helped me to become very motivated indeed.




I am very much someone that learns by doing rather than by reading or taking things analytically. This is what makes DIY such a great pastime for me as you are constantly learning, especially about things that we so easily take for granted. I have learned vast amounts about woodworking and functions around the home and I feel confident that should my next home need some work, that I can step up to the plate and handle a lot of it.




Believe it or not DIY projects are actually very relaxing indeed and they can certainly help you to get rid of any stress that you are feeling. When I was working on the chest of drawers I found that no matter how stressed I had been after a day of work, that I could simply close the garage door, put the spotlight on and focus on nothing else but the wood and my hands. Many think that DIY is the opposite in fact but as long as you are patient, that you know what you are doing and that you have all of the tools and materials available, a project like this can in fact be very soothing indeed.

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