Depending On a Moving Company: Facts vs.Myths

moving companyIn the moving industry, there are various facts and myths just like in any other industry. Whether you are relocating to another town or just down the street, packing and getting everything ready for the move is one of the most stressful parts of the moving process. Most of the moving myths and misconceptions came into existence as a result of some unhappy individuals’ sharing opinions about moving companies. Falling for these misconceptions and myths will only make things harder for you as you move to your new home. It will just extend the aggravation of your moving experience. Here are some of the common myths about moving companies.

All Moving Companies Are the Same

It is a common myth that all the moving companies are the same. The truth is that all moving companies are not the same. They differ in their reputation, the amount of money they charge for their services, the quality of the service they deliver and much more. One spoiled apple in the moving industry does not mean that all the apples in the bag are bad. Take time and do your research, and you will establish that there are moving companies that are reputable and well established. If you do your assignment well, you will avoid falling into the hands of rogue movers. Make sure that you only work with credible moving companies for best results. You can establish their years of experience as well as what other customers have to say about their services before giving them the job.

You Can’t Plan in Advance

This is a fallacy since the reality on the ground is that you can plan in advance. Actually, a good moving company will tell you that the most critical aspect of moving is planning. There is a mantra that goes like this:”Failing to plan is planning to fail;” this holds water even when moving to your new hope. If you do not plan the moving process well, it will be very stressful and might end up costing you and, in extreme cases, losing valuable items. Good and proper planning will result to smooth moving and will save time and money.

All Packing Boxes Are the Same

Some people claim that the moving company wants to extort money from you when they advise that you use professional packing boxes. The fact is that professional packing boxes are designed specifically for this purpose. They are strong, can hold more and are not as prone to wear and tear as ordinary boxes are.  Professional moving boxes will definitely protect your fragile items and electronics from breaking or being damaged. It is therefore recommended that you buy professional packing boxes when you are moving to make your moving process manageable and with less hassle.

Only Pay the Company When All the Work Is Done

There is a common myth that you should not pay the moving company until everything is unpacked safely at your new home. Most moving companies will require that you pay them the money upon arrival, and if you insist on paying them once all the things are unpacked, you may end up doing it all by yourself. A moving company is a professional company, and they know their work, but when you push them to the wall things might not go well. You may end up losing valuable time which could have been invested in doing something else constructive in the new home.

Labeling the Boxes Does Not Help

This is a fallacy; labeling your boxes well will save you a lot of time and effort when settling in. Time spent labeling all the boxes as you pack them will save you days when unpacking and arranging them in your new home. If you label the boxes properly, the moving company will ensure that the boxes are kept in the proper room in the new house. This will ultimately save you quality time and effort when putting things in place.

Moving Company Insurance Will Cover All Damage and Lost Items

This is a common myth, and it is of paramount importance that you get facts right before hiring a moving company. Moving company insurance usually only covers a portion of what is damaged or lost. You should get all the material details about insurance so that you will not think that all your items are covered only to get compensation for some of the items.

It is good to get all the facts about moving companies so that you will be in a position to make a sound and comprehensive decision.


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