Design Trends for Modern Bathrooms

The bathroom. It is a necessity in every home, from the smallest cottage to the largest luxury estate. Yet in the past few years, design elements have woven their way into bathrooms that have transformed this once dingy, but necessary, space into something attractive and inviting. Whether you have eight or just one, you may want to consider these modern home design trends as you transform your bathroom into something modern and chic.

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1. Geometric Shapes

From the flooring to the tile in the tub, geometric shapes are making a comeback in bathroom design. This is an area where you can get incredibly creative, and even throw in some pops of color, as you design a bathroom that is sure to shine.

2. Shades of Gray

Gray, and all shades of it, are a definite design trend in the last couple of years, with taupe and white complementing it nicely. This makes it easy to incorporate marble or gray stone tiles into the design, if you wish, and gray-and-white chevrons are also popular.

3. A Room with an Eye on the Future

Today’s bathrooms are being designed with elements for aging adults, even in homes with young families. This is allowing families to stay in their homes long-term, by providing mobility assistance rails and no-threshold showers becoming a mainstay in the modern bathroom.

4. Transitional Design

Transitional design blends modern design elements with traditional. This is an interesting concept, as it brings in just enough modern design elements to make the room feel trendy, without hurting the overall comfort of the space. It also makes it easy to change out the more contemporary elements when styles change, while still maintaining an edgy feel to the overall space.

5. Built-in-Storage

Finally, ample storage space is becoming a necessity in the modern bathroom, with a place to store fluffy towels and linens as well as personal care items. Cabinets, closets, and even built-in stacks of drawers are combining to give the modern bathroom enough space to store all of the necessities, clearing clutter and contributing to a clean design.

As you consider ways you can upgrade your bathroom design at your new home, or as you shop for a new home to purchase, consider these five elements of modern bathroom design. With these, you can have a functional and trendy space to enjoy.

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