Doing Great In Eugene Real Estate

Eugene is the second largest city in the state of Oregon, with a population that is rising year on year. There’s little wonder that increasing numbers of people are making Eugene their home, as it’s famous for its vibrant center, its thriving sports industry, and its beautiful surrounds of woodland and waterways, not to mention its superb public parks. Eugene often finds itself appearing in lists of the best American cities to live in, which is great news for the people who live there and great news for those who work in Eugene real estate, like Shannon Doyle.


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Making Eugene Real Estate Dreams Come True

The Eugene Realty Group are specialists in the sale of houses, condos, and land in the Eugene and Springfield areas, and whether customers are selling or looking to buy property, they have the expertise needed to ensure a smooth process with a great outcome. Eugene is a city that has something for everyone, from business leaders to professional athletes to factory workers and newlyweds, but there’s a vast range of properties to suit all tastes and all budgets.

A Leading Light In Eugene Real Estate

Eugene Realty Group was founded by Shannon Doyle, and her energy and passion for helping people find their dream homes are behind the success of the group. Shannon moved to Eugene in 2015 with her husband. She had previously run a real estate brokerage in Green Valley, Arizona. In Arizona, Shannon grew her brokerage until it had a staff of fifty and helped over 350 clients every year, making it the largest locally owned brokerage in Green Valley. Shannon’s Arizona experience and expertise have proved invaluable; after launching the Eugene Realty Group, she has seen it go from success to success.

The Secret To Real Estate Success: People

One reason that Shannon Doyle has been such a successful broker in Arizona, and now in Lane County, Oregon, is that she understands that the secret to real estate is not figures and spreadsheets, it’s people. Customer satisfaction is her main concern and she ensures that this philosophy is shared by her employees as well. Shannon says that her success has become of her belief in hard work and in open and honest communications at all times. She also believes that business should always be conducted with a smile. After all, finding and buying your ideal home is one of the greatest things you’ll ever do in life.

Honest communication, putting the customer first and having fun while working: these are three strategies that real estate professionals in any city could profit from.

With such a positive approach to real estate brokerage, it’s no surprise that Shannon and her agents have received a string of glowing testimonials. They can make a Eugene property search simple and pain-free, finding properties that perfectly match what the client is looking for, and at a price they can afford. Searches can even be made via their website, providing a convenient way to find a high-quality home in Eugene and the surrounding area.

Shannon Doyle is doing great in Eugene real estate, and her attitude and philosophy provides a blueprint for up and coming real estate professionals across America.

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