Don’t Panic When a Plumbing Emergency Happens

As a responsible homeowner you maintain your plumbing system with regular maintenance but no matter how much care you give to your drains and pipes, emergencies are sure to happen. When a crisis happens in your home here in London, the first thing to remember is to NOT panic. Learn some basic things that can help you to avoid further damage, use a methodical approach, and have the name and number of a local plumber that you can call to come and fix the problem. Let’s look at some of the emergencies that you might encounter and what you can do before the experts even arrive at your home to minimise the damage.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can cause a great deal of damage in your home, so the first thing that plumbers in London would tell you to do is to turn off all the main water valves that allow water into your home. If you don’t know where these are, you must find them before you need to know, to avoid panic. If you’re experiencing a leak inside your home, simply shut off all stop cocks which can be found under the sinks in the house. Call a professional plumber which you have already contacted for regular maintenance around your home previously. If you can foster a good relationship with your local plumber, you’ll have a valuable asset in an emergency.


Frozen Pipes

Winters in London can be brutal and the result is often frozen pipes which damage your home; this causes the need for extensive and expensive repairs to flooring, ceilings, and drywall that will all need to be replaced. Your first step should be to cut off the mains valve so that no additional water will enter your home. The professionals at advise that you never try to thaw out pipes yourself but instead you contact a local London plumber that is trained and experienced with such dangerous problems. These experts also advise that you should not try to thaw out frozen pipes with flames which can result in a myriad of complicated issues that include injury to you or those near you.

Gas Fumes

If you begin to notice gas fumes around your home you should follow some of the tips below to keep your home safe and secure. Don’t strike matches, use any naked flames, or try to fix any problems yourself. You must open your windows and doors and keep your family members out of the area in which you smell gas. After you have opened the windows you can then take time to call a professional who can find and fix the problem. He will have the right training and experience to proceed with caution and confidence.

You can avoid all of these problems if you take some extra precautions to wrap your pipes with insulation, do regular maintenance, and watch for unusual odours that alert you to problems.

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