Fresh Ideas for Home Decoration – And Mistakes You Won’t Make Anymore

Even the most opulent homes can seem dull and boring after living years of living in them. Whether you relish interior decorating or simply crave a change, here are some insightful tips you might not have thought of trying, to give your home a new look. We’ll also go over some not-so-obvious design mistakes to avoid making.

Before you start repainting rooms en masse, or swapping out furniture, have a drawn plan of what your house looks like. Make note of both empty spaces and over-crowded areas. List similar items that are spread through the house, this will be useful later on when grouping them in a single spot. Then draw up a new plan. You might easily ‘move the couch upstairs’ while you’re at it, but start by making note of items that might lend themselves better elsewhere. If you don’t plan a few steps ahead it will be much harder to see how things are turning out to look, and you might end up rethinking every little change a few times over.

If you have ever analyzed a model home (or the one down the street, sporting great interior décor), you might have noted simplicity. Overcrowding is a vice even the best of us are guilty of, some way or another. It can be hard to tell when you have gone too far ‘stuffing’ a room with too many things that look good. Time however will tell. You can always wait a few days to decide if you are happy with how populated an area is. An effective way to reduce clutter is to assign similar household items a single region. Have an entertainment center, and a display area for kitchenware. Don’t let yourself negate a room’s uniqueness by placing something that you wouldn’t normally think to use inside it. Bedrooms are meant for rest, and should not also host the gardener’s tools. This isn’t to say you should allow for some creative use of space, but keep an eye out for ways to reduce clutter.

Ask any self respecting (hobbyist) home decorator what they spend their time most on, and most will say rearranging furniture to go well together. But rather than trying to get your polished leather sofa to work well with the beanbag chair from the yard sale, choose furniture that complement each other to begin with. Uniformity is good thing to work towards, although contrasting heights and colors can sometimes liven up spaces with even dimensions. Perhaps a theme is the best guide. The living room is often prime target to drop every family-member’s favorite chair into, which can certainly add character, but a few pieces of furniture may be the best choice, creating a centralized feel, and highlighting open – but not incomplete – spaces.

Symmetry, when used blaringly, can make a space feel very ‘static’. This extends beyond furniture, to matching drapes, hung pictures, wall paint, and anything else you can think of. Being artistic often demands the airs of an adventurer, and you can always find ways to decorate uniquely, while not throwing a space out of balance. In fact, the worst mistake you can make is not following through with an idea you have. As long as you are cautious, you can always pull back later. You may find an idea you first thought to be outrageous, the nicest you have had.

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