Garden Improvements Can Increase the Sale Price of a Home

Although when looking to boost the value of a property we often think of interior improvements such as an extension, redecoration, rewire, or even a new kitchen and/or bathroom, it’s important to consider the much overlooked component of your home – the garden. If you’ve made some improvements to the interior of your home and are looking for more ways to get a better price when you sell your property, refurbishing your garden is a great way to achieve this. When looking for a new home many buyers will be impressed with a nice garden – after all, who doesn’t love a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space for the summer time. Whether you’re garden is large, small, neatly kept, or a bit overgrown – read on to find what you can do with it to add value to your home.


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If your garden is looking a bit worse for wear, you can overcome this issue through the use of landscaping. There are many options to do this, from hiring a professional landscaper to design and create a beautiful garden space for you, or if you’re feeling a bit green-fingered and like getting busy in the garden, you can rent a number of landscaping tools from companies such as Brookings Rental Depot in order to carry out the job yourself. Adding trees, flowers, shrubs and garden features is a great way to create a better looking outdoor space that will make your home worth even more to potential buyers.


Whether it’s glass partitions, a fountain, patio area or even an outdoor kitchen, there are a number of features that you can add to your garden in order to make your property overall more desirable. If you have a large garden space, potential buyers are likely to see it as a great social area for garden parties and summer barbeques, so creating an appealing patio area with an outdoor dining space is a great idea. Other, smaller features can add aesthetic value to your garden.

Water Features

Water features are a tricky subject, as some buyers will love them, whilst others will simply want to fill them in as soon as they move into the property. Either way, if you’ve got the room and the money to add a feature such as an outdoor swimming pool to your garden, it’s a move that has the potential to add a lot of value to your home. If you are thinking about installing a swimming pool, however, remember that it’s important to get proper planning permission and that all health and safety rules are adhered to – your potential buyers could have children, so safety is key. Other water features, such as a pond, can also add both aesthetic and monetary value to your property.

What did you do to your garden that helped your property sell for more? Or, did you make a change to your garden that resulted in your property losing value? We’d love to hear your opinions, stories and advice for other homeowners in the comments.

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